Eve7  Top On-Page SEO techniques techleaks.usry one wants to see his/her website’s ranking on the top of multiple search engines. Well here are 7  Top On-Page SEO techniques that will make it easy for you to get better ranking. For this, first you’ll need to understand what is SEO?

What is SEO ?

SEO is abbreviated for Search Engine Optimization. As its name shows, it optimizes a website for organic, natural and editorial listings on search engines that helps in getting high traffic on your website. Listings of search engines are based on many rules. I will explain these rules below as SEO techniques.

SEO is divided into two categories. One is On-Page SEO named because we do something on web pages like Title Tag, Url, content of pages, image alt text etc. Second is Off-Page SEO which do link-binding and many other activities. Now here I am going to explain 7  Top On-Page SEO techniques to improve your website’s ranking.

  • Original and Quality Content bring your viewers back to your website. Well for this avoid copied contents, publish useful contents, research well for your topic, use some description for images, videos etc. And one more thing post frequently, always welcome your viewers with fresh contents.
  • Page format, Page Title and Descriptions should be kept in mind while designing a page. For example page name “5 On-Page SEO Techniques” is better than index.html. Page descriptions should be unique, it will help when searcher will read your description in search engine result page, and there are more chances that he/she will click on your link. Proper format for page should be adapted, like heading, subheading and highlight them with color, bold or italic format.
  • Use small size images as small size images take less time in loading. Also use text for image in alt. Original images are preferable, don’t copy images from other websites to publish. Give images proper name like pizzahut.png is better than img2.png.
  • Well-structured Url has its own importance in On Page SEO techniques. Your page Url should be less than 255 characters. And well structure means, take a link is at below link, it is easily readable, search engine do the same.

while bad structured Url is somewhat like that


so avoid this type of Url.

  • Internal linking is one of major techniques. Let your web page has only text, no internal link referring to other pages. This will go against you, when a web spider will search it will also consider other page’s link of your website. This is an easy method to let know search engine other important pages of your website, and in this way reader will spend more time on your website.
  • Your website should be speedy while designing a website webmaster keep it in mind that website take minimum time in loading.
  • Google Authorship: In coming time google will consider those websites in top ranking which has authors of particular subject. You can get this authority by making google+ profile and publishing your contents there. Then google will rank it according to the followers you have on google+.

These are the Top On-Page SEO techniques To Boost Up Your Website/Blog Ranking. There are many more, but i found these useful after 4 hours of research. You an follow these to boost your website/blog ranking in search engines and to attract more visitors.


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