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AdClickMedia is a PPC advertising program like AdSense. AdClickMedia is also an AdSense alternative but its name is yet unknown to many publishers and advertisers. AdClickMedia is considered as a very good AdSense alternative for generating handsome revenue for websites and blogs.

I am using AdClickMedia from almost 8 months on my some blogs but honestly speaking I never earned good amount from AdClickMedia. That’s why today I am here writing a AdClickMedia review for other bloggers hoping that this review can help them to earn some extra money from their blogs and websites.

AdClickMedia is an advertising PPC program that is operated by Multiple Stream Media LLC and it is operating since 2009. AdClickMedia allows bloggers to earn money from their blogs through different type of ads like Banner Ads, Photo Text Ads and Interstitial Ads.

Moreover, if you have huge list of email subscribers, then you can earn money from your email list too with AdClickMedia email monetization program. For getting eligible to AdClickMedia email monetization program, you must have an email list of at least 500+ subscribers.

AdClickMedia Review: How Much You Can Earn?

Honestly speaking, with AdClickMedia, you can’t earn high earnings like AdSense but still it’s a good program to monetize your blog or website if you have a good traffic. On average, you can earn about $0.05 per click on banner ads however this amount mostly stays high for AdSense and other good AdSense alternatives.

The plus point about AdClickMedia is that they mostly receive high CTR. So if you have accidentally lost your AdSense, then you can go for AdClickMedia to monetize your blog. Below I am going to perform a sample calculation for estimating how much your blog can earn if you are receiving 10k visitors per day.

Let’s suppose your daily traffic is 10k visitors and you have placed 3 AdClickMedia ads on your blog. It means their daily impressions are 30k. Let’s suppose now your daily impressions are 30k+ and your CTR is 3%. It mean you will get 1050 total clicks considering your CTR remains 3%. So your daily revenue will be around $52 which is a good amount. I have here considered the average CPC amount of $0.05. However if the CPC is high, then your earnings will be higher too.

How to Get Paid for AdClickMedia PPC Advertising Program?

AdClickMedia pays on monthly basis whenever your amount cross their minimum payout threshold of $50. You can receive AdClickMedia payment via PayPal or Check.

AdClickMedia Requirements:

AdClickMedia requirements are not hard like AdSense but still they have their some policies which are as follow.

  • You can’t use AdClickMedia ads on your websites with subdomains.
  • You must have a top level domain to show AdClickMedia ads.
  • You are not allowed to click at your own ads.


In short, if you are banned from Google AdSense, earning low from other CPM advertising networks or simply want to increase your earnings, you should definitely join AdClickMedia program. And after joining it, don’t forget TechLeaks and share your experience from earning point of view. And let us know too whether you are getting around $0.05 PPC on average too by commenting on this AdClickMedia review.

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