Apple iOS 8 HealthKit FeaturesFrom past few months, Apple is ruling the Tech Discussions corners due to release of its iOS 8 and Apple iPhone 6. Both iPhone 6 and iOS 8 are going to be launched in upcoming few week but Apple iOS 8 HealthKit Features Rolled Out Ahead of iPhone 6 Launch. Out of from all the new interesting features of iOS 8, Apple’s new HealthKit is going to be much enhanced. Many people are discussing about this new feature at different tech discussion corners.

Mayo Clinic, an app is testing its new service that will notify its users with an alert whenever some health related issue is found. This app then will also help the patients to schedule their visits to the Clinic. HealthKit has also introduced a new technology. With the help of that technology, all the health app developers will be able to take benefit from Apple’s devices with the help of much more improved sensors and accurate data. With the new enhanced features of HealthKit, Apple is looking to take care of the health of its users. This will help Apple definitely gain more and more profit by selling more health apps.
Recently, Partnership of Apple with Epic was announced this Summer. Epic is a popular health record portal. If this partnership works well, Apple and Epic both will gain much popularity. According to Meg Aranow, partnership between Apple and IBM will give birth to a no. of new HealthKit Apps. Here are the Meg Aranow words on this

The announcement indicates that IBM will develop more than 100 applications for iPad and iPhone. This bodes well for health care, as it’s one of several vertical markets the partnership is targeting for ‘industry-specific solutions. Drawing on Apple’s ability to combine hardware and software for an optimal user experience, and IBM’s trusted security and device management solutions.These could be just the mobile solutions that health care is seeking.

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