Apple Missed iWorm MalwareDo Apple Missed iWorm Malware in Security check or not? It’s really a question in everyone’s mind regarding MAC immunity to malwares. iWorm is a malware discovered at the end of September that has infected worldwide thousands of computers.  Apple also released an update for its Antivirus Engine called XProtect or Apple XProtect Antivirus but that update was able to find the iWorm malware during security check when the iWork installer is found to launch one time only. This is said by Patrick Wardle who is director of research with Synack, a computer security company in Redwood City, California in his paper 

It means that the computers which are already infected by iWorm Malware will stay undetected. iWorm which is in fact a backdoor can steal data from infected computers has infected more than 50,000 computers.

This malware is found in the pirated copies of Adobe Systems’ Photoshop, Illustrator applications, Microsoft Office and Parallels Desktop on the Pirate Bay, which is a famous search engine used for sharing content via Bit Torrent peer-to-peer network.

So no doubt Apple released the update, but it can’t clean the computers which are already infected by iWorm malware, so definitely, Apple Missed iWorm Malware in Security Check. Till now, Apple officials have not given any comment on this.

When any Mac User downloads anything from the Apple store, Gatekeeper checks whether that app came from the Apple Store or not. But when someone downloads any app by using the uTorrent, uTorrent is not programmed to check the signature of the app to find whether it came from the Apple Store or not. Therefore, that user’s PC can be infected by the iWorm malware that mostly comes with the installers.

It means malware programmers will still be able to take advantage of the method iWorm uses to infect the user’s PCs.

“Unfortunately or luckily, iWorm has proved and is able to bypass Apple’s malware mitigations really easily, which states that Macs are not immune to malware and that is a really a big security threat for Apple users.”

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