Benefits of Social Media in SEOAll webmasters know that Google have always been changing its ranking algorithm and its result is that Websites rankings are always changing their positions.  Nowadays Social media is considered to be the most important factor in SEO in upcoming years and many SEO experts believe that Google is going to make a big change in its algorithm about how content is ranked in SERPs.  Though Facebook and Twitter are considered to be the most visited, useless and time wasting websites in the World, but still they are also considered to be the most important factor to get higher ranking positions for your website nowadays and onward.

No one can deny that social media is really impacting your SERP rankings from years. Your content gets higher SERP positions when your content is shared more on social media.  From many years, SEO experts believe that Google has been focusing and mostly emphasizing on your backlinks in order to determine the SERP positions without considering the impact of social media.

Basically, Social media plays a very important role in Country wise rankings of your website. The more the traffic comes to your website from a specific country, the more higher your website get ranked in that country of geographical region.

Along with other factors, Google nowadays is also focusing on SMO (Social Media Optimization) just like SEO (Search Engine Optimization). And the fact is that getting backlinks from other websites and forums is really an easy approach because a webmaster even having a poor knowledge can get fewer backlinks easily and can beat other websites with its high quality content. And when this happens it’s really not good at all. Although everyone know that Google punishes and hate the spam along with poor links, but still it is found that many webmasters can somehow manage to make Google fool by building some natural link profile with their dedicated spamming efforts.

That’s why Benefits of Social Media in SEO can never be declined and the reason is so simple and logical that unique and quality content when posted on your website is liked and shared by greater people on social networks than the poor content. I know the truth too that Social likes can also be purchased but those likes and shares will never be ethical.

So in order to get higher SERP positions, you need to first create unique and quality content and then need to get this content shared on social media like Google +, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other different Social networks.


Benefits of Social Media in SEO can never be denied since Social Media Optimization (SMO) have been working and playing a very important role in SEO from years and nowadays Google is considered to give more importance to the content that is liked and shared by more people.  Therefore, to get higher SERP rankings, you really need to write some quality and unique content, promote that to social networks and get more shares and likes by your fans in your niche. And definitely, you will see its results.

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