All websites are not same, thus link building strategy for all websites will not be same. To start link building for your website, you can study the backlink profiles of your main competitors that have earned their reputation in the niche before your start.

Best Link Building Practices for Small Businesses

The following are some Best Link Building Practices for Small Businesses that have been tested for years.

Set Up Your Blog:

Using blogs for link building is one the best link building practices and latest trend in SEO. In order to make your blog stand out in your niche, the quality of your blog’s content is the main factor. The topics of your blog should be useful and informative for others.Best Link Building Practices

Studies shows that blogs on useful and interesting tips usually get more hit and traffic. Also content written on controversial topics may or may not create a buzz in your niche. Since the interesting content will get more social shares and many comments, that can boost your popularity and rankings of your blog.

Internal Link Building:

If you are writing content under the same niche and topics, you can use internal linking to link your content with the other useful content on your blog. Internal link building on micro niche blogs is completely under your control. You can choose your own anchor texts. Therefore, you can easily promote your blog for your targeted keywords which you can use in your anchor texts. Therefore, internal link building is one of the Best Link Building Practices you can use for your business.

 Distribute your blog’s RSS feed:

If you have your blog, you must use RSS feed for it. So you should promote your blog’s RSS feed in these best recommended RSS feed directories. Doing so you can easily earn links from them.

Guest Blogging:

Blog Commenting:

Blog commenting is another good practice from Best Link Building Practices. You can use Google Blog Search to find other bloggers in your niche sharing same interests as your blog. So you should make this habit to leave comments on their blogs with your real name or brand name. You can also drop your link in their comments sometimes suggesting some similar content from your blog. So using blog commenting as your link building practice can increase traffic and link juice to your blog eventually.

Article Directories:

There are some best high quality article directories on web where you can share your high quality content from your blogs. And then using a link back to your blog in their resource box. This will encourage more visitors to visit your blog to read more content relevant to their interests.

Some of the best article directories are as follows:

Social Sharing:

Social sharing is one of the Best Link Building Practices for bloggers and small businesses. Since Social signals in your link profile plays a very important role in your link profile. Your link profile looks more natural and enrich with social signals indicating the popularity of your content. There are many ways to get social signals. Some of the best are listed below:

Best sites to create brand pages:

Blog Social Bookmarking Sites:


Get Backlinks from these websites:

Document Sharing Websites:

Sharing your content on document sharing is another best practice from the Best Link Building Practices. You can share your content in the form of e-books, case studies or white papers and drop a link back to your website. Use of google titles along with descriptions containing your target keywords can also prove fruitful. Below are some of the best document sharing websites.


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