Best Text Messaging Apps for iPhoneFew years back it was a misconception that text messaging is a forte of teenagers only, but now you can see every age group using text messaging services to communicate with others. According to a survey, it has been proved that there is a rapid increase in mobile phone users that’s why mobile users are now primary target of internet marketers and giant companies. Not only internet giants but also marketing companies are now targeting mobile numbers more than email addresses, because mobile phones normally don’t have spam folder and most mobile users use to read all messages including those with advertisements.

Furthermore, now people have alternatives in case of low balance, they use Online websites to Send Free SMS from internet or they also send free messages via chat messengers like WhatsApp and Viber. Because of this much increase in the number of mobile phone users, app developers have speed-up the process of making Android and iOS apps. If you talk about native iOS messaging app, iMessage doesn’t fulfill the needs of users because it doesn’t have handy features just like Android’s messaging app; but you can get those Android like features in your iPhone by using some famous text messaging apps for iOS 7 and 8.

These third-party apps will make your life easy by providing you some of the essential features that aren’t embedded in iOS by default and it’s the primary reason why iOS users jailbreak their iDevices.

Best Text Messaging Apps for iPhone

Without wasting time, let’s start discussing about some best text messaging apps for iPhone:

SMS Seal


Of course everybody feel weird when some other person read their text messages without their permission. You can lock your text messages available in any folder of iMessage by using SMS Seal app and it’s free. Moreover, it encrypts all of your messages travelling among your and other peoples’ devices, if somebody gets access to your messages, he/she wouldn’t be able to read them because of encryption.

SMS Scheduler


It’s the most essential app for today’s generation, because it’s their habit to forget everything. This SMS scheduler app will work on your behalf because it will send text messages on the pre-set time. The app is most beneficial on events, you can schedule wishes for upcoming new year day now and on the new year day your wishes will be sent automatically. The only thing you should bear in mind is that you should have enough credit to send scheduled messages on time.

SMS Client


Usually other mobile devices’ PC suites allow their owners to send text messages directly from their PC or Mac, but iTunes doesn’t have this option in it. SMS Client is an app that allows you to send text messages directly from your Mac by synchronizing you iPhone and Macbook.

SMS Butler


SMS Butler is an awesome app with incredible collection of thousands of text messages in it. You’ll find any type of SMS in this app and also it features text messages for events too. So, no need to open internet websites and find any Online sms collection, just install this app and you’ll have your personal text messages collection. You can also copy those messages directly to your iMessage and other third party messaging apps in just one tap.

I hope you’ll love the above given text messages apps for iPhone, if you have your own apps then let us know via commenting on this article.

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