best wordpress hostingAre you going to launch new WordPress blog, this post will really help all the newbie and pro bloggers in choosing best WordPress hosting. I am going to help you step by step to select best WordPress hosting for you dream WordPress blog.

I started blogging in 2009. From 2009 till today, in almost 5 years of my blogging journey, I have used almost all the WordPress shared hosting and 1 VPS server. Right now, I host my 8 personal WordPress blogs and more than 50 blogs of my clients in different hosting. Being a blogger, I always keep on trying for the new hosting whenever I face any downtime from my any host.

In the start I had a pretty bad experience with my local hosting, whereas really great experience with shared hosting companies like GoDaddy, BlueHost, HostGator, and Dreamhost. Since I have much experience in WordPress, so I can suggest you best WordPress hosting based on my 5 years of experience.

If you want to create WordPress blog having traffic less than almost 20,000 per day, then Shared hosting is really best choice for you to take start with. From last few years with the evolution of self-hosted WordPress blogging, WordPress really need powerful servers. And without powerful servers, you can never run your blog smoothly.

What is my Criteria for selecting best WordPress Hosting?

Before buying any hosting, I consider these some most important factors in my mind (Security, PHP Version, MySQL Version, cPanel etc.). After considering all these above factors, I also consider what I am going to get from all the hosting companies like bandwidth limit, no. of files, database size, email accounts etc.

Nowadays, server’s geographical location is playing a  very important role in site load time and from SEO point of view. And if you are creating a blog for a really great user experience (which of course you should), then you should go for CDN.

Best WordPress hosting For Bloggers:

Now if you are thinking, I am going to share a huge list of top 100 WordPress hosting or top 20 hosting, then you are definitely wrong. Because I am going to share only the hosting companies that I have used for myself and have full trust in them. I will also try to share the Discount Coupon Codes for those hosting companies (if there is any). So you can grab some good discount on their Sign Up.

All the hosting companies that I have mentioned below cost you below $8 per month. But I have added discount coupons, so you can grab discount from 20% to 45% on them on their total bill. So let me take start with my recommended WordPress Hosting list for your WordPress blogs.

Bluehost | Shared Hosting:

Bluehost is my top choice for the Best WordPress hosting. My many websites along with my client websites are hosted on Bluehost servers. I will never say Bluehost is the cheapest ever hosting, since their one year hosting plan costs $5.99 per month, but due to unlimited storage and bandwidth, its really worth to buy. You can easily install multiple WordPress blogs on the same hosting. You can read my guide How To Create WordPress Blog on Bluehost in Next 10 Minutes

One of the great thing that I love about Bluehost is that it allows you to install WordPress in 5-10 minutes literally. Now if you are not going to read more reviews about Bluehost and really want good recommendation, you should grab Bluehost as your WordPress hosting. Good news about Bluehost is that you will also Get Free Domain Name with your hosting purchase. And it will also be extra saving for you.

HostGator | Shared Hosting:

I have found HostGator a very closest alternative to Bluehost. Since HostGator offers all the same features as Bluehost offers, but with only one difference. And that is, it don’t offers free domain with hosting purchase. There are 3 different plans offered by HostGator. Hatchling, Baby and Business plan. If you are planning to launch only a single WordPress blog, then Hatchling plan is good for you. Otherwise I will recommend you for Baby or Business plan if you want to host multiple websites on the single hosting.  Nowadays HostGator also offers cloud fare integration directly from the cPanel, which can add another layer of security on your WordPress blog.

Dream Host | Shared Hosting:

When I started my blogging, I took start from Dream Host and my blogs never ever faced any downtime. I hosted my 4 blogs along with my client’s different websites and blogs. My blogs were running smoothly until one day Dreamhost asked me to move to their VPS, since my different websites were consuming a lot of memory on their shared server. Then I decided to move towards HostGator.

Anyhow, Dreamhost is the best WordPress hosting to take a start with if you are not going to host bundle of websites on it. Dreamhost is the most reliable and cheapest hosting right now for WordPress for newbie bloggers.  One best thing I love about Dreamhost is you can easily shift from shared plan to VPS plan when your blog grows without the need to change the hosting. And this is the thing which mostly other hosting are missing.

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I have used many other hosting too, but till today, these are the one of the best WordPress hosting that I have found and will recommend to newbie bloggers really. If you found this hosting review useful, just do give it a share on your social network. Moreover I will also update this page, if I find some other good WordPress hosting. Still if you have any questions to ask about WordPress hosting companies, just leave me a message on Facebook page.