Boost Facebook Page Organic ReachNowadays many Facebook page owners are suffering the problem of decline of organic post reach and are looking for ways to Boost Facebook Page Organic Reach. This is due to the factor of huge increase in Facebook users with the passage of time. The postings that are made to your page depends on a number of factors of Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm (EdgeRank is the name commonly given to the algorithm that Facebook uses to determine what articles should be displayed in a user’s News Feed. ) that is now updated and Facebook has not given its new algorithm any name yet. I myself faced this issue of decline in post reach badly and suffered a lot. My page’s post reach which were about 1000+  per each post was about to hit zero. So I Googled a lot how Facebook shows our posts to our fans newsfeed, I myself tried a lot of tricks but no one worked for a long term indeed. Facebook in 2012-2013 was showing our posts to fans newsfeed on the basis of EdgeRank algorithm which depends mainly on 3 factors mainly.

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  • First one and the most important is the affinity score between the post’s creator and the viewer. If you stay in touch with your users most frequently, then there are more chances that your post will show in your fan’s newsfeed most probably. To attain this affinity, the tactic I am using at my page is to reply on each and every comment made by your fans on my page. You can also try this and really it will work.
  • Second factor is the weight of the post. Different type of posts have different weights. The reach for photos and videos is greater than the reach for simple text status updates if they are liked and commented by your users. So you can target your audience by seeing at which time most of them come online observing them from your page insights retaining the first factor.
  • Third factor is the Time Decay. If the post you have made on your page gets early engagement by your fans in the form of likes, comments or shares, then it will appear in your more fans and their friend’s newsfeed for greater amount of time. And if your content don’t gets engagement by fans in the start, then its reach will decay and Facebook will show it to less no. of fans and you will suffer decline in your post reach.


EdgeRank multiplies these three factors and determines whether your content should appear in your fans newsfeed or not. But remember, Facebook has improved its algorithm now and using more complex algorithm that is based on machine learning. We can’t name the current face book’s newsfeed algorithm but certainly it is more refined form of the EdgeRank, and these above factors can’t be denied.


Facebook for Business on their page stated that:

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Pages organically reach about 16% of their fans on average. To make sure your fans see your stories, sponsor your posts to increase the reach of your content.”  So to reach your this 16% of fans fully, you need high quality content posted at right time plus you need to respond your fan’s comments and shares to build a close relationship with them to achieve the affinity. The tactic is really simple, Make postings on your page in every hour and if you can’t try posting more frequently but keeping in mind that you post the most viral content at that time when your more fans are coming online. You can use the post schedule feature and can schedule posts for getting published atomically at later time. Another tactic I am using is to like other pages of same niche, and comment on their posts. That will help you to get organic likes and more organic reach to your page. And even with only 10k  Page, you can get 200l+ Post reach.  Remember this

“Your page’s post reach is mainly directly proportional to Shares, then comments and likes keeping above three factors in mind. Greater the shares your post gets, greater the reach you will have.”

I have used the tactic of responding to my fan’s each comment, and have got about 300% more organic reach in just 4-5 days than from my last 4-5 weeks.

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You can also use these tactics to Boost Your Facebook Page Organic Reach. You Want to share your views, comment here. I will be glad to answer you.

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