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Hi dear visitors, it had been a while I could not post here anything due to my busy life routine. Sorry for staying away. Now I am back. I know there are a big number of followers who are using MyLikes, SkyLikes, iLyke affiliate networks to earn money from Facebook, Twitter and other social networks and they want to seek exact guidance to boost their Earnings. This is basically Boost MyLikes Earnings Case Study but you can apply it to any other network too. From scratch i am explaining here this tactic i am using for myself to Boost MyLikes Earnings. First of all for all those who are unaware of MyLikes, SkyLikes, iLyke etc. and want to know what these are? In short these are the affiliate (CPC) networks that provide you content upon signing up on their websites, you just need to share their content on Social Networks etc. To learn the term CPC, you can read our old blog post “Top 8 CPM Ad Networks“. Upon getting about 1000 or 1K USA Clicks, MyLikes, SkyLikes, iLyke etc. pays you about 12-15$ etc. depending on their criteria. For other countries, they will stay pay you but payment for each country per 1000 clicks varies. You can get that information from their website.

People at Facebook are using their Facebook Pages to share the content to get visitors or clicks on them in order to earn some livelihood. Nowadays, about all social networks supports Advertising through which you can advertise or promote your content to the world. I have experience of running Ads on different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Adwords etc. But till today, Facebook ads are the cheapest way i have found to boost your content to more audience based on Geographical Targeting. This is a guide for all those people who want to boost their MyLikes Earnings. This guide not only applies to just MyLikes but to every CPC paying affiliate network like SkyLikes, iLyke etc.
I will explain you each and every step in detail here. So take a long breath and start reading now carefully. I am explaining you for Facebook, but you can use this to maximize ROI on any affiliate network.
Disclaimer: I don’t take any responsibility for any your financial loss etc. due to your wrong or unsuccessful attempts since this is a game of luck entirely, but you can optimize it really by following this guide. 

Boost MyLikes Earnings:

You need to follow these steps.


So, this was my case study to Boost MyLikes Earnings. Also if you need my excel file as template comment here your email, i will send you and if you have any questions to ask, feel free to ask here. If you found it helpful, do git it a share just. In some days, I am also going to make a Video Tutorial explaining this whole case study too. Hope to see you soon at my first video tutorial 🙂

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