BuySellAds RequirementsMostly the approval process of buy sell ads is really hard when you don’t know the right way. Everyone know blogging is done with passion, but this truth can never be denied that a blogger always needs some money to pay his hosting and other blog dues.

What is BuySellAds?

Buysellads also knows as (BSA) is a banner advertisement program and it really pays good amount to its publishers. You might have seen many websites having an independent page with title, Advertise here or something similar etc. Mostly you can see such options on sites which receives tons of views in each day. BSA is one of the biggest and highly paying ad network on the internet.

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Buy sell ads helps webmasters to place third party ads on their blogs. Buysellads comes with fixed ads of banner sizes (125 x 125, 300 x 250, 728 x 90). These ads are recommended mostly by professional bloggers since they are a very good source of recurring income. Bloggers can simply make places for these buy sell ads dimensions on their blog and allows publishers to place their ads which are fulfilling the buy sell ads requirements.

You can buy and sell ads here at BSA but before selling your ads, you need to get them approved by BuySellAds first. Moreover, BSA is 100% legit and you can use it blindly with full trust.

Buysellads Requirements:

Getting approved for buy sell ads is a bit hard. It’s really hard for those whose blogs don’t get good amount of views or impressions. In order to approve your BuySellAds, you need to have a top quality blog. Here top quality means good amount of traffic, elegant theme, top content etc. Buy sell ads publishers can easily control the price of each ad unit at their blog for the advertisers. These are the Buy Sell Ads requirements for the approval process of BSA.

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  • You blog should have more than 100k impressions per month.
  • Blog should have a top clean and understanding design and layout.
  • You blog should not have a great number of other ads. Mostly this leads towards rejection of your application. Try to use not more than 1-2 ad networks with Buy Sell Ads.
  • Your blog content should never be adult.
  • Your blog should be updated regularly, otherwise approval for BuySellAds will not take place.
  • You blog should be from niches that BSA supports only. Otherwise your application will be rejected. Mostly Technology and Design blogs are easily accepted.
  • If your BuySellAds application is rejected, you can still apply for it in future.

Moving ahead, the most important approval factors are the no. of visitors and niche. Since BuySellAds is a premium ad network, you need to have good amount of traffic otherwise your application will not be approved for buysellads publisher account. To increase your traffic and followers, follow this guide Trick to get Massive Free Subscribers with Blog Commenting . You can increase your traffic by 50% in just 2 days.

The other criteria is your blog should be updated regularly. It is really obvious, greater the no. of visitors you have, greater should be the no. of articles and content.  So it is highly recommended to update your blog regularly.  Your visitor should learn a lot each time they visit your blog. This tip will not only help in your buysellads approval, but also will be beneficial to get loyal readers.

And finally the last third criteria, keep applying after improving your traffic if you are rejected. You will surely be approved by buysellads if you are doing blogging with passion.

Time to Go and Apply for BuySellAds account now!

All these requirements for buy sell ads should be fulfilled to get approved Buy Sell Ads publisher account. If anyone from you have applied for BSA, then share your experience with us. Any other questions regarding BSA, leave your comments below. So all the best to you, go and try your luck to get approved for BuySellAds publisher account.

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