Hi, we are going today to Compare Chitka vs Google AdSense. Google AdSense is no doubt the no. one advertising network for publishers and unbeatable in the internet advertising world at all. AdSense is best monetization option for bloggers but it’s really hard to get Google AdSense account. That’s why mostly bloggers often look to find best AdSense alternatives. And Chitka is considered to be no. 1 AdSense alternative to Google AdSense.

Chitka is loved by bloggers as best AdSense alternative since Chitka account approval process is much easy. You don’t have to face any hard time in getting your Chitka account approved.  But one thing everyone must keep in mind that Chitka can never be true AdSense alternative. Since AdSense competitor has not born in the internet PPC advertising world yet.

I got a chance to test Chitka on my 2 blogs last year, but after few months, I myself removed Chitka Ads from my blogs. So in this tutorial, I am going to compare Chitka VS Google AdSense. You will find here many similarities and differences in Chitka and Google AdSense.  Don’t think I am going to make this article too big and boring for you. I am just going to write an honest review between AdSense and Chitka in the form of a table.

You will see I have made for you a list of most important factors that mostly publishers want to know before they opt for AdSense or Chitka.

Chitika vs Google AdSense:

Feature Chitika AdSense
CPC Below Average : +/- $0.3 for Regular and +/-$3 for Premium Publishers Best (Up to $100 per click)
RPM, CPM, eCPM Below Average Best
Ad Design Horrible (Ads look spammy) Attractive
Customer Support Good Poor
Fill Rate Low 100%
Technology Basic Advanced
Ad Choices Limited Diverse
Ad Customization Limited Extensive
Account Approval Easy Hard
Advertiser Care Average Great
Publisher Care Good Average
Publishers Feel Okay Happy
Long Term Retain Easy Hard
Publisher Activity Moderation Poor Strict

So above were the most important features of AdSense and Chitka that I have experienced and any publisher would love to know before joining them. If you have tried Chitka and AdSense, do share your experience with us in the comments.

Conclusion (Chitka vs AdSense) Which is best:

This is just a review, although, Chitka can never compete AdSense, but it never means Chitka is worst advertising network. Chitka can pay you good amount than other advertising networks available in the market. So if you are facing any type of difficulty in getting your AdSense approved, you must give Chitka a try.

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