Facebook Pages Post Reach 1Are you suffering from decline in post reach of your page? Did your page gone almost dead? Here I am going to reveal a very interesting fact about the Facebook pages why they are going dead. I realized this after the loss of my about $500 campaigns of Facebook advertising. I had 12 pages total, each having more than 30K likes. 3 months before I spend about $500 for bringing quality fans on them. My each page post was getting easily 80+ likes since I was targeting my audience at right time by observing them from the page insights. Everything was going fine, but my bad luck started when I came across Social Media Management site named HootSuite. This is basically a powerful social media management tool that allows users to add all pages in it and our one post can be posted by our single click on all our pages. I started using it with its other two alternatives TweetDeck and PostPlanner too. I was feeling happy that my daily about 2 hours of time will be saved. After 2 days of using all these, I decided to go for HootSuite, Since it was easy to use, I thought I should by its premium membership (that was in fact my misfortune), so I do spend $10 and bought the one month premium membership in order to add all my 12 pages, since free membership allows only 3 social network profiles to be added at one time.

After 1 week of using HootSuite, I observed my Page’s overall post reach was declining very quickly. I was unaware of the actual reason. I Google many days in order to find the solution for the declining post reach and tried many of them but none of them worked for me from posting text status updates, video posts, photos, viral photos, target audience at right time. I was really feeling disappointed none of the solution was working.

I discussed my problem with my many friends, but their all pages were going well. Only I was suffering from this decline in my post reach. Then one friend of mine suggested me to unpublish my all pages for one week and facebook will fix my post reach issue. I was thinking it will some issue in the Facebook Algorithm for Post Reach, So, I unpublished my all pages for 8 days, just hoping for the post reach issue to get resolved. On 8th day, I published my pages again, and started posting on all of them via HootSuite. But I was again disappointed my posts were reaching only about 20-30 fans hardly out of 30K+ fans.

After 4 days wasting my time posting via HootSuite and getting disappointed, suddenly one idea came in my mind that the reason might be the use of HootSuite? So I Google again and found many victims who suffered from same issue of declining post reach all of them had used HootSuite, TweetDeck, Post Planner etc services for updating their pages. I came to know a very interesting fact that facebook is declining and hitting the post each of all those businesses who are using Third Party APIs like HootSuite,TweetDeck, PostPlanner etc to update their social profiles.

So I started searching at Google Did Facebook Really Hitting the 3rd Party API? So I came across a very popular site EdgeRankChecker from which I got satisfied about Facebook Penalty about those business who were using Third Party Apps. I came across an article on this site stating that Facebook has fix the Third Party App Penalty.

They were stating that in 2011, Facebook has fixed that issue but I don’t think so, my 3 friends who started using HootSuite, TweetDeck and PostPlanner with me also suffurred the same issue and their pages get almost dead too.

Any now to fight with the post reach issue, I made up my mind to stop using Third Party App HootSuite which was using Facebook API. I closed my HootSuite account and stop updating my pages via it. Finally now after stop using HootSuite, I started posting manually at my pages, after 5-6 days of posting at my pages, I have now started observing my post reach is going higher and higher daily. Before using HootSuite, TweetDeck and PostPlanner, my each post on my 30K+ fans was getting 80+ likes easily with individual post reach of about 600-800 and some times higher. When my pages post reach fall, my each individual post was getting maximum 4-5 Likes with maximum of individual 20-30 Fans reached. Here you can see how many Pages post reach get infected before and after the use of HootSuite. Here are the average figures from my case study that i brought for you.

Facebook Pages Going Dead


Facebook Pages Going Dead

So for all the Facebook Page Owners who are using third party Apps like HootSuite, TweetDeck, PostPlanner etc, stop using these. If you own any page with good no. of real fans and that got dead think yourself this question, I am 1000% sure you would have used third party API to post status updates, photos and URLS at your page. Instead of sitting disappointed, you can try same strategy stop using Third Party Social Media Management Tools,  Stop using HootSuite, Stop usingPostPlannerStop posting URLs directly to your page, Use Photos with shorten link via Bitly and target your audience at right time observing them from the Page Insights. I am definitely sure, you will be able to make your page Live again.

Do you have suffered from the decline in post reach issue too? Let me know in the comments below!

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