Many things have evolved with the passage of time in the world of SEO, but one thing still remains same and that is backlink and its power and people are looking around for free backlink checker tools to watch backlinks for their blog or website.

In old days, your website ranking was determined on the number of backlinks that you have obtained, but in 2015, your ranking is determined from the quality backlinks that you have got.

In 2014, Google’s Penguin update killed all the low quality blogs who were ranking on the base of their number of low quality backlinks.

Anyhow, let’s move to the main point, here I will be discussing some of the free and best backlink checker tools that you can use to check how many backlinks you have got for your website.

Importance of Backlink Checker Tools:

The first question that arises in your mind is, why you need backlink checker tools, so let’s discuss it. When any website links to any page of your website or its home page, this is called a backlink.  Backlinks are the backbone of your website’s ranking and for your keywords.

Backlinks are of two types: Dofollow backlinks and no follow backlinks. For good SEO, when we start creating backlinks, our main focus is to get dofollow backlinks.

So with the help of online backlink checker tools, you can keep an eye on the no. of backlinks that you have created for our website. And definitely, good number of quality backlinks helps in improving the ranking of our website.

Here are four best free online backlink checker tools that you can use to check all the incoming backlinks to your website. You can give a try to each tool and then select any tool that you like depending on your requirements.

Some tools will give you complete and detailed results while other offer some limited no. of backlinks, but you can increase this limit by signing up on their website.


OpenLinkProfiler is a good tool in the list of free backlink checker websites. This tool is completely free that allows you check latest and all other backlinks that are coming to your website from other websites.

This tool has also another awesome feature that allows you to export 1000 backlinks in comma separated value .csv format. I have found this tool as the best free online backlink checker to watch backlinks. Check out OpenLinkProfiler.

check backlinks



AHrefs is another free backlink checker tool. Basically, AHrefs is a paid backlink checker tool but if you register an account at their website, you can get a free and complete backlink analysis report of your website with full anchor text analysis.

This tool gives you a detailed information related to all backlinks pointing to your website. And with the passage of time, you can also monitor whether your website links are increasing or decreasing. Check out AHrefs.

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Open Site Explorer:

One of my all-time favorite tool is Open Site Explorer. This tool is really awesome. You can use it to compare backlinks between two or more websites. Therefore, it is definitely worth trying.

This tool performs best if you have paid version of SEOMOZ. However its free version is also really good enough if you want to check backlinks of your website or your competitor’s website. Check out Moz.

moz backlink checker tool

Link Diagnosis:

Link Diagnosis is another good tool to check backlinks for your blog. For example, this is useful when you need a detailed report or want to check backlinks of a single page or entire website. This tool allows you to all such type of tasks in no time.

This tool also offers different type of outputs with many other features. I have tested this tool on Chrome and Firefox and have found that it works best in Firefox. Check our Link Diagnosis.

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So this was a list of four best free backlink checker tools that you can use to check backlinks for your blog.

Let me know about other tools too that you think are good for checking backlinks. Meanwhile, don’t forget to share this post with others on Google+  and Twitter!

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