Google banned your AdSense account and you are looking for best Google AdSense alternatives, here you can find top Google AdSense alternatives for your blog / website. No doubt, Google AdSense is one of the best monetization option for well reputed blogs to earn money. But sometimes due to several reasons many AdSense publishers need to look for monetization options other than Google AdSense. These reasons may vary like AdSense Ban, Poor or low earnings with AdSense etc.

So if your AdSense is banned by Google due to several reasons like invalid clicks, low quality content etc. or you want to double your earnings in addition with AdSense and you are searching for best Google AdSense alternatives, this below list may give you a profitable monetization network for your blog that you can opt to double your earnings.


Chitka is one of the best AdSense alternatives. It is a purely CPC oriented program like AdSense. I love Chitka mainly due to two reasons. First it is a contextual network like AdSense since it always displays the most relevant ads related to your content and help you to get more CTR. And secondly, you can change Chitka ads appearance to blend with your website background color. Sign Up Chitka.


Infolinks is considered to be the leader of text advertising. Now it offers many new advertising mechanisms for bloggers. Infolinks approval requirements are simple and not hard like Google AdSense. Infolinks offer different ad types like (InFrame, InSearch, InTag, InText) to make money from Infolinks. Infolinks also provides ads in different styles you can choose from.

Infolinks is not a contextual ad network like Google AdSense, but still it is one from the best AdSense alternatives for bloggers. Right now, it is the only most widely used network as an alternative to AdSense. You can use it with other networks to double your blog earnings. Sign Up Infolinks. is also another best alternative to AdSense when we talk it in term of ad types. It is a contextual ad network powered by Yahoo! and Bing. Its ad type are similar to AdSense. And if you really own a quality blog with massive traffic, you will surely get approval in no time. You can create a free account for Sign Up


It is also known as King of CPM ad networks. TribalFusion approval requirements are high. You need to have premium quality blog with a massive traffic to get TribalFusion approved. After approval, your website / blog will earn a good amount for each and every impression. TribalFusion is also considered as BuySellAds Alternative. Sign Up TribalFusion.


BuySellAds (BSA) is another alternative to Google AdSense. BSA will automatically fetch up your website / blog stats involving Alexa Rank, PR, Yahoo inbound links etc. after your submission to BuySellAds. BuySellAds approval requirements are also high. Your blog should have a massive traffic. You can set up any area on your blog after BuySellAds approval and wait for the advertisers to come and bid. Sign Up BuySellAds.


Superlinks is also another competitor and Google AdSense alternative. Superlinks offers variety of ad types like Tower Ads, Footer ads etc. Minimum payout for Superlinks is $100. Payment is done via PayPal, Payoneer or Wire transfer. You website / blog must need to have monthly minimum 100k traffic for Superlinks approval. Superlinks is the advertising network that accepts even those blogs that are banned from AdSense. If you really own a quality blog, Superlinks will really be a great monetization option for you. Sign Up Superlinks.


AdEngage is a good ad platform for publishers where they can sell direct ads. AdEngage traffic requirements are not so much high, they accepts minimum 1000 impressions a day. AdEngage minimum payout is $50. You can receive your payments via Paypal, Wire Transfer and check. Sign Up Adengage.

So this was the list of closest Google AdSense alternatives. If unfortunately, your AdSense is disabled or banned, you can use combination of two ad networks to recover your expenses. Anyway, do share with me what other programs will you recommend as AdSense alternatives? And which of the above programs you have used earlier?

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