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Nowadays, the main problem that most of the newbie bloggers are facing is “Google Rejected My AdSense Request”. So today, TechLeaks is extending its Adsense Guide  and going to reveal quick Google AdSense Approval Trick. You will be able to receive your Google AdSense Approval email in just 3 days.

All newbie bloggers, remember, you can’t earn money by just creating a blog and putting content on it. You have to use some Monetization method with your content and AdSense is the best advertising method for bloggers. Mostly bloggers in Asian Countries like “Pakistan / India” try to make Google fool by filling their blogs with just spinned or low quality content. And after that they are always weeping saying “my AdSense application is declined”. Google is very cruel and Blah Blah.

When I started my blogging journey 5 years ago, there was no one to guide me. My AdSense application got rejected too in the start (because my blog was on Urdu poetry, and Urdu is not from AdSense Supported languages list). I learned a lot from different experiences with Google AdSense and moved towards professional blogging and learned many AdSense Approval Tricks.

Today, I am going to share with you 2 AdSense Approval tricks. You will be able to get your AdSense approved in just 3 days if you really follow this guide. The main purpose of sharing these tricks is just to help newbie bloggers to earn some livelihood who are still unable to approve their AdSense accounts.

Google AdSense Approval Trick:

Here are the steps you need to follow to get your AdSense approved within 3 days.

That’s all, by following this simple Adsense approval trick, you can get a fully verified Adsense account. If you have any question to ask about Adsense approval, feel free to ask here in the comment or on our TechLeaks Facebook Page. Also you can subscribe to TechLeaks feeds to receive our more AdSense tutorials in your email directly.

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