after Installing WordPressIn the beginning of my Blogging Journey, I took start from Blogger and then moved towards WordPress. But the main difficulty I faced was what to do after Installing WordPress? Now I have been using WordPress from almost 5 years and I have found it as best platform for Blogging.

There are a number of Tutorials for WordPress available on the Internet for WordPress, which can help you in getting started with WordPress.  You can also check Tech Leaks WordPress Tutorials, which will help you to learn WordPress step by step.

I have already written detailed posts on installing WordPress on Bluehost and on installing WordPress on GoDaddy. So here I am extending that series due to increasing demand of our fans. Here is a list of handy WordPress settings to do after installing WordPress.

Recommended Settings After Installing WordPress:

There is a huge list of settings to do after installing WordPress, but I am here going to explain the few most basic an important settings that you need to do Fresh WordPress Installation.

Change WordPress Admin Username:

When you install WordPress, WordPress Admin username by default is “Admin”. Means your WordPress blog is always at risk because hackers try to make brute force attacks by using your “Admin” username to hack your WordPress blog. That’s why to harden your WordPress blog security, create a new user account, assign it admin permissions, and then delete your default “Admin” account. Also make sure to use some complex password, mixture of uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers and special symbols. Another advance tactic you can use to keep your WordPress blog more safe is Password Protect your WP-Admin Directory.

WordPress Permalink Structure:

Another simple thing after installing WordPress that I will recommend is to change the default permalinks to custom permalinks, since default WordPress permalinks are not SEO friendly. They are like etc (not keyword rich).  Therefore, best and SEO friendly custom permalink setting is to use post name as permalink. To do this, simply go to “Settings>Permalinks” and choose the “Post name” option.

WordPress Permalink Settings

“Post name” WordPress permalink structure will help you to include your post title keywords in your URL making your URL keywords rich and SEO friendly. This will be helpful to you for ranking purposes.

WordPress Time zone:

Go to your “Settings>General”, and change here the time zone to match exactly to your “Country time zone. It will help you to ensure your blog posts posted at right time when you will schedule your blog posts.

WordPress Timezone Settings

 WordPress Threaded Comments:

Threaded comments helps your blog discussions look more cool and keep going. You can easily enable Threaded Comments from “Settings > Discussions” Tab. Just mark this option “Enable threaded (nested) comments”.

WordPress Threaded Comments

Update WordPress Ping List:

By default, WordPress only pings one service when you post or update something at your blog. So you can manually extend the ping services list. Simply go to “Settings > Writing” and copy paste the following  WordPress ping services list there under the “Update Services” tab.

WordPress Ping Services

WordPress Comments Gravatar:

When someone makes comment on your blog, you can easily see their Gravatar Images if they have signed up for the Gravatar service. But what about those who don’t have Gravatar? So to display a Gravatar for those people who have not signed up for the Gravatar, simply go to “Settings > Discussions”, and select any Gravatar which you want to use for your audience who have not signed up for the Gravatar Service.

Quick Recap For Things to do after Installing WordPress

  • Change WordPress Admin Username
  • WordPress Permalink Structure
  • WordPress Time zone
  • WordPress Threaded Comments
  • Update WordPress Ping List
  • WordPress Comments Gravatar

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