PayPal is one of the best online payment processor that facilitates us with easy and secure online transactions. People use to buy products online and pay for services online with PayPal because it’s the easiest way to send and receive online payments. Unfortunately, Paypal is not available in some countries including Pakistan. Many bloggers and freelancers use PayPal to receive payments from clients. You can spend earned money online to buy goods. In order to Withdraw PayPal funds in Pakistan, you will have to follow some simple steps.

Recently I wrote a complete guide to verify Paypal account through Payoneer. In this article, I will teach you how to withdraw PayPal funds in Pakistan and other Paypal unsupported countries. So, first of all, here I am providing you the list of Paypal unsupported countries.

Paypal Unsupported Countries List

According to my knowledge, Following are some countries in which PayPal is not available.

Afghanistan, Haiti, Uzbekistan, Iran, Nigeria, Cuba, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Jersey, Paraguay, Lebanon, Serbia and Montenegro, Liberia, Burma, Libya, Ghana, Sudan, Syria.

It is not a complete list and maybe I missed some countries where PayPal is not available.  You can still verify PayPal account whether PayPal is available in your country or not.

How Can I Withdraw PayPal Funds in Unsupported Countries Like Pakistan

Since I am from Pakistan therefore I am going to discuss about PayPal funds withdrawal in Pakistan. The same procedure can be followed to withdraw PayPal funds in any other unsupported country.

For Withdrawal of Paypal funds in any unsupported countries you will have to

  1. Signup for Payoneer Master Card
  2. Link Payoneer Master Card with PayPal Account
  3. Withdraw Paypal Funds to Payoneer Card/Account
  4. Take Cash from Local ATM Machine

Signup for Payoneer master Card

First of all, order a Payoneer MasterCard with the same Name as you have on PayPal account. You will earn 25$ bonus if you signup using my affiliate link. They will send your card to your permanent address after approval. Now you will have to sign up for US Payment Service using payoneer account. You will get routing number and Account number of your account in First Century bank of USA. These details will be used for linking Payoneer Card with PayPal.


Link Payoneer Card with PayPal

Withdraw PayPal funds to Payoneer Card

Login to your PayPal account and click on withdraw from the menu. Now you will have two options:

  • Withdraw PayPal funds to Payoneer Bank Account.
  • Withdraw PayPal funds to Payoneer MasterCard.

You can choose any option that suits you.  Funds transfer to Payoneer Bank Account is free but it will take 3-4 Business days to appear in your Payoneer Account. If you choose the second option then it will charge you 2 Euros processing fee and money will be transferred to your Payoneer MasterCard within 1-2 days.

After selecting suitable option, enter the amount you want to withdraw to Payoneer MasterCard/Bank Account and press the continue button.

Your funds will appear in your Payoneer account within the number of days mentioned above. (2)

Take Cash from Local ATMs

Now you can withdraw funds from your Payoneer MasterCard using any local ATM machine supporting MasterCard. Click here to get a list of all MasterCard supported ATMs in your country.

I will recommend you to use Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB) ATM for PayPal Funds Withdrawal in Pakistan. Citibank, Standard Charted bank, Faysal Bank in Pakistan also support Payoneer MasterCard.

Some fees will be deducted when you withdraw funds from your Payoneer Card.  Whether you withdraw 1500 PKR or 20000 PKR, it will deduct a fee round about 6$ (600PKR). So don’t withdraw small amount from your Payoneer Card.

If you have any question regarding PayPal funds withdrawal in Pakistan or any other unsupported country then feel free to discuss with me.

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