google index techleaks.usIt is the most hot and interesting topic for SEO experts to check whether their newly born website has been indexed by Google or not. Basically, there are two steps to check your SEO success with google.

  • Your site should be crawled by Google Bots.
  • Your site should be indexed by Google.

But before discussing these above steps, the most cruical point is to have understanding of these two terms of SEO. “Crawling” and “Indexing” . Crawling is a SEO term which refers to the bots crawling in your website on particular pages. If you have recently launched some website, Google bot will have to crawl your website’s different pages to to know its existence on the web. Now question arises, what is Google Bot. Basically google bot is search bot software like artificial robot that google sends out to collect information about documents and web pages on the web to add them into the google database to index them. Crawling is the process where the Google Bot travels from website to website, visiting and finding new and updated information to report back to Google. Whereas Indexing refers to the process of adding that page or piece of document to the list of other crawled documents and web pages of the same category. Once Google processed those documents or web pages, they are added to the Google searchable index of contents if they are found to be unique and quality content. During crawling and Indexing mainly Google Bot that is a software tried to process the words available on a web page and where those are found on the web. Different kind of informaton such as keywords, alt tags, meta tags , alt attributes is collected.

How to Check Your Website Has Been Indexed by Google

The question arise how can u get your newly created website indexed by Google ? So here are some best practices that you can adopt to get your site indexed faster at Google, means it will be easy to be discovered by the world now .

Create a Sitemap : A sitemap is a XML document found on your server that list each document and page found on your website. Sitemaps tells Search Engines that when the new pages are added with their timestamp & after how much time the search engine’s bot should again check for changes on those specific pages or documents. If you have build your website in WordPress, you can install ” Google XML Sitemaps plugin”and set it to create and update your sitemap automatically to search engines. Different tools are available , some SEO plugins Like WordPress SEO by Yoast and All in One SEO Pack have this sitemap option too in their settings, that you can use for making sitemaps. Or you can also use tools such as XML Sitemap Generator.

Submit Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools: The first that you should take now is to submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. If you don’t have Goodle Webmaster Tools account, simply make a Google Account and sign up then for the Google Webmaster Tools. Then add your site to Google Webmaster Tools and verify it by file uploading method in the root of your site’s directory. Then go to Optimization > Sitemaps . Here you can submit your site’s sitemap to the Google to notify Google about it and the pages you have published earlier.

Install Google Analytics In Your Website – You can do this for tracking purposes adding your Google Analytics code in the head section of your pages and it will tells Google to heads up that a new website is on the horizon.

Now Final Step To Check Your Site Is Indexed By Google : It is fairly easy to make sure that your website is indexed by Google or not. You can also check the last time when your website was indexed by Google and the total no. of pages of your website that have been indexed too.

Note: It can take a week or more for a newly made website to be discovered by google after following above all steps. Go to and enter this in the search box

Here you can replace “” with your website’s domain name. This will list down all the pages that have been indexed by Google with the page count too. If you want to check how much time ago your webpage was indexed , use the drop-down arrow that is found next to the URL on any search result of your website and click the Cached Version. Here you will see the accurate date and time when your website’s that particular page was indexed.

At the end i am leaving giving you a useful tip for google search. If you want to view the cached version of your website or any particular page , you can use the following command in the Google search bar.


Here you can replace “” with your website’s domain or any particular page name and you will be able to see the cached version of your web page.

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