Remove Shortcut Virus From USB
Many people get annoyed when they see shortcuts of their important files or folders saved in their USB flash drive.
Files or folders become shortcuts due to any virus or unwanted files running on our systems.
Those shortcuts are made because of any virus you can remove them with the help of any antivirus. But those are really hard to remove that are formed because of unwanted hidden files and processes running on your system. You have to use some tool or technique to overcome this issue.
Here is a way you can get rid of shortcuts by stopping unwanted files running on your system. This method is for Microsoft Windows.


  • Insert the usb / momory card or any other external storage device that is infected into your computer usb port.
  • After inserting, wait for some time about 1 minute so that computer can detect that device.
  • Go to my computer and see the Drive Letter that is infected.
  • Note the drive letter of the drive.
  • Now press the Windows + R key from the keyboard at the same time , This will open the Run window.
  • Here type the command CMD and press enter.
  • Here type the following command into the Command Prompot Black screen window
attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.*

    Remove Shortcut Virus From USB 1

  •  After typing this command with your exact letter at the end, Hit the Enter button from your keyboard.
  • This command will remove the USB virus with all the Shortcuts and restore your files and folder to their original settings.

Note down here one thing that the last letter should be the Letter of your Drive here that is infected.

Alternative Solution You can also try this if in case above does not work.

First Download CCleaner, a small effective software for cleaning temporary files, unwanted files running on your computer startup. It perform many other functions but we are concerned with some of its features.
Go to start menu and run CCleaner.
On left side menu select Tools and click on startup. This allows you to disable and remove unwanted running from your startup menu.

Remove Shortcut Virus From USB 2

By disabling unwanted files your computer will boot and run fast. Here mark all the items that are enabled and disable them by clicking the disable button and restart your system and follow the above steps.  This will 100% fix your issue. Enjoy.

Don’t worry disabling the Start up items will never do any harm to your System, Those items will be added to Start up again when they are again launched next time.'

Warda Farooq

She is a IT graduated from the Sargodha University and also a Freelancer and blogger. She loves to write above the computer problems. She has a good experience of graphic designing too.

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