paypal verified techleaks.usBelonging to an unsupported country and still wishing to own a verified PayPal account is a question that many people do search at internet. There is a way to get PayPal verified even if you are in unsupported country. But only a few people are aware of it.

The answer of “How to Get PayPal Verified in UnSupported Country” is by using Payoneer’s US Payment Service. You should follow these steps To Get PayPal Verified Using Payoneer US Payment Service.

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If you have already account, then after logging into your account at payoneer, make sure your payoneer US Payment Service is enabled.

How to Get PayPal Verified Using Payoneer US Payment Service

  • You need to Sign In to your Payoneer Card account and click the US Payment Service under the Receive Money Tab.

Get Paypal Verified (1)

  • On US Payment Service page, look at the bottom you will find your routing no. and account no. that are provided by Payoneer US Payment Service to you.

  • Note these no.s on some page or keep this page opened.
  • Open your unverified PayPal account that you want to verify in other window or tab.
  • You will that your PayPal account is unverified under the PayPal Dashboard. Here click the “Get Verified” Link.

Get Paypal Verified (4)

  • On the next page, select “Add Bank Account”. And the enter the routing no. and account no. by seeing from the US payment service page. After doing this, Hit “Continue”

Get Paypal Verified (6)

  • Now wait for 3-4 days after linking your US payment service.
  • In these day, PayPal will make two test transactions to your Payoneer account. You can verify that by email received from the Payoneer about the test transections.
  • Open your payoneer account and note or write down those two transaction amounts that have been sent to you by PayPal.

Get Paypal Verified (2)

  • Now again open your PayPal account. And open the “Get Verified” link again.
  • Select the “Confirm Bank Account” at this opened screen.

Get Paypal Verified (5)

  • Here you will be asked to enter the both test amounts that PayPal sent to you in order to make sure you are the owner of your Payoneer Account. Enter those amounts and hit the “Submit” button

Get Paypal Verified (1)

That’s it. Your PayPal account is verified. Now to take full advantage from the PayPal features, you can ink your Payoneer MasterCard with your PayPal account. But before trying to link, make sure there is at least (8-10) $ in your payoneer MasterCard. Otherwise you will be failed to link your payoneer master card.

If you have any questions regarding verification of your PayPal account, comment here.

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