How to Get your Facebook Page Verified Walkthrough

Facebook has introduced a new feature recently for facebook profiles and pages that are official and gives them badge beside their page name. That badge indicates that the page is official and authentic and facebook has verified that. It also means that facebook has verified that business or individual by different verification methods and have reached to conclusion that particular page or profile is really genuine and not fake.
Benefit of Verified Page or Profile :

  •  It makes it easier for people to find that page.
  •  It gives the pages a lot of organic reach.
  •  It boosts the page’s post reach to maximum no. of audience.

We as a normal user creates our account at facebook, and its quitely possible that another person with the same name have also created an account at facebook. The question arises how can we distinguish the Businesses and high profile people profiles ?
Let suppose i have created a page called “Love Quotes”, now there will be thousand of pages of this name or celebrity profiles etc. So facebook took serious step to verify that which individual one is official and which one is fake.
How to Get your Facebook Page Verified:
Verified pages will have the little tick mark badge beside their page name . That will be of blue color as shown below. So you can easily find whether a facebook page or profile is verified or not.

Which type of Pages or Profiles facebook Verifies :

Facebook verifies only these type of pages of profiles.

  • Celebrities
  • Businesses
  • Journalists
  • Public Figurues
  • Govt. Officials
  • Popular Brands

These are the only categories that can be verified by facebook. Some times if you have local business, facebook automatically verifies that page by seeing that you are official representative of that facebook business or page . And there is no need to verifiy that page at all manually and sending request to facebook. Facebook in that case will verify your page or profile depending on some particular details and requirements that are decided by facebook .
How can I Verify my Facebook Page :
If you are owner of some page or profile and it fulfils all the requirements as mentioned above. Then there are chances that you can get your page verified . Basically, facebook does not have any contact form to claim any page verified. This is infact completely automatic process. Therefore to get your page or profile verified , you should make some changes in your page or profile.

To claim your facebook page, your page or profile must have minimum details to get it verified. These are the two steps that are mentioned by facebook to get our page or profile verified.

  • You should link your website from our page and our page too from your website.
  • You should provide accurate information details in about section of your page or profile.

Also you should add long and short description , your business keyword, your official email, website and location of the verified page that which claims the address of your page in the page info tab.

For more details visit help center here for Profile or Page About info.

These are the steps that you can follow to get your page or profile verified that is official. But again repeating

“Facebook does not guaranteed about all the pages to be verified because it also depends on the popularity factor of your business too. ”

Therefore you can add all this information in the about tab and page info tab of your page and wait for about 45-50 days after filling that information. 45-50 days period works for me when i am working with my clients to get verified their popular official business pages.

I hope so i have covered all the queries related to verified facebook pages, if you still have any query feel free to ask.

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