How to Unblock YouTubeThere are many methods available on Internet to unblock Youtube. Most of those methods requires you to install some third party softwares like HotSpotShield etc. All of these softwares expires after some period of time due to their trial limitation. So here I am going to tell you the best solution to unlock Youtube on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch using VPN without need of installing any third party software and the best thing about this method is that, you will get the highest bandwidth for videos streaming. I have been using this method from 2 years.  By this method is that you can unblock any type of website with it. So here is how to do it.

How to Unblock YouTube Or Any Website on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch using VPN


How to Unblock YouTube 1

  1. From your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Press the Home Button, here you will see the “Settings” icon.
  2. Touch the “Settings” icon. Now Select “General”.
  3. Now here scroll through the items and click on “VPN”.
  4. Click here “Add VPN Configuration”.
  5. 5: Select the “PPTP” tab, and add the fields as:
    Description: WebSiteVPN.COM
    Server: OR
    RSA SecurID: OFF
    Password: freevpn
    Encryption level: Auto
    Send All traffic: ON
  6. Touch the “Save” button to save this settings.
  7. Come back to Settings Tab now. Slide the VPN Button to “ON”, it will turn to green color. If it does not changes to green color, try changing the server to OR in VPN configuration as discussed in 5th step.
  8. This is the most important thing now, Open your Safari Browser, and try to open any blocked site. I am opening ““, It will open a Website VPN page, here click the “I Agree ” button to accept the terms and conditions of using this Website VPN service. Wait for the page to load 1 minute until its complete loading.
  9. Now you have successfully unlblocked Youtube and all other websites. You can now Youtube App or any other site in your Safari Browser, Every thing will work fine. The reason I am recommending this method to every one because i have been using it from 2 years and I am getting 500-600 kbps downloading speed at my 8 mbps internet for downloading videos from YouTube.

You can visit Website VPN official website too for these settings. But here have explained in detail for your convenience.

Have any question to ask, leave comment below i will answer your all queries.

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