“How to improve keywords ranking in Search Engines” is really a billion dollar question and every blogger wants to know.Because every blogger know that in the world of Search Engine Optimization, you have to be careful in order to maintain the ranking of your keywords.

I have already shared the on page SEO techniques that helped you to improve position of your keywords in search engines. Today I am back here to teach you some more advanced keyword ranking tips.

But before starting this, I would recommend you to check the position of your keywords so that you can track the improvement or change after following these advanced keyword ranking tips.

How to Increase Your Keywords Position in Search Results

I am dividing this post in two sections. You can follow them in order to increase your keywords position in search results

  1. On-Page SEO Techniques
  2. Off-Page SEO Techniques

I am starting with On-Page SEO techniques first.

On-Page SEO Techniques to improve Keywords Position

1# Optimize your blog post title:

You blog post title is basically the main anchor text that attracts visitors from search results to your blog. So you should make sure to add your exact keywords in it, mainly the keywords that you want to rank for.

Pro Tips:

  • Include the broader and more targeted keywords instead of using the narrower keywords in your post title. For example, If you have an article about “Adsense Alternatives”, go for “best adsense alternatives” or “six best adsense alternatives” instead of using just “Adsense alternatives” only.
  • Try using more actionable keywords with your blog post title because they seem to attract more visitors psychologically. Try using keywords like “Step by Step Guide”, “Updated”, “Complete Guide” etc. These keywords are found to increase the Click Through Rate which is considered as a good ranking factor.
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2# Make sure your keywors are added in post and media

Now when you have already written the content, It’s a best practice to use keywords in your post in such a way that it does not look stuffed. Means try using similar keywords (LSI Keywords) that have the similar meaning.

Pro Tips:

  • Make sure not to use your keyword in your content more than 2 percent.
  • Make sure to place your main keyword in the first 100 words of your article. And then repeat that till the end of article using LSI keywords.
  • Make sure to use your keyword in the alt tag of your images. Alt tags can surprisingly increase your keywords ranking and thus organic traffic. Also try to optimize the name of image related to your post instead of using pic00001, pic00001 etc.

3# Internal Linking:

Internal linking is one of the best way to get backlinks from our own website. This can help pass some search engine juice from our already ranked posts to other related posts. Are you confused? The link that  I have already shared about AdSense Alternatives is one of best examples of internal linking.

Pro Tips:

  • You must link to related posts. For example if you are writing about SEO, linking to a On-Page SEO factors rather than best WordPress Plugins is best practice of internal linking.
  • Also make sure to use variations of anchor text in your blog. Don’t use the same anchor text again and again. It will look like stuffing.

Off Page SEO techniques to improve keywords Position:

Following are the best techniques you can adopt to increase keywords position of your blog posts in search engines.

4# Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is a good habit. Some bloggers think that it is dead. But the truth is that, it is never dead. It is a best practice to use your related posts in anchor text of your guest blog posts related to that topic. And remember, a guest post on a authority website, can really boost your keyword rankings.

5# Blog Commenting:

Blog commenting is also another good way to increase the keyword positions of your blog in search engines. For blog commenting, you can search keywordluv and commentluv enabled blogs to leave your anchor texts.

Pro Tips:

  • Never comment on blogs that are already spammy or are irrelevant to your niche. This will not only prevent your site from Google Penalty but also will help you to reduce bounce rate.
  • As you publish some article on your website, use the blog commenting. Did not understand? Here I am explaining for you. After publishing any article on your blog, do a Google search on your targeted keyword.

Now go to first five topics (minimum) on the sites that are:

  • Exactly related to your topic
  • Have fresh comments on them
  • Have commentluv enabled

And write a meaningful comment there leaving your latest post link. This will not only help you to get your post get indexed faster, but also help you to get good referral traffic from those websites visitors.

6# Social Shares:

Social shares plays a very important role in boosting your search engine rankings. Confused? In simple words, the more the social shares you have, the more will be referral traffic, which means higher authority leading ultimately to higher rankings.

Pro Tips:

  • Share the best from your blog posts. You are not writing posts to keep in your personal diary. Instead make your blog posts shine like gold to make them something that you can proudly share.
  • Try to use responsive social media share buttons on your blog posts to allow visitors to share your content any time. Use only 4-5 social networks that you thing can bring for you maximum traffic instead of flooding that with social media buttons.
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Other Advanced tips that will help you to increase your keyword rankings are:

  • Increase speed of your website by moving to better and fast hosting and server.
  • Make your website mobile responsive.
  • Update your old posts timely.
  • Use link building techniques to build quality and natural backlinks.
  • Make sure to check keyword difficulty before writing on that.


So, these were the top advanced tips that you can use to enhance keyword rankings in search engines of your posts. I have personally learned and followed these tips and have seen much improvement.

Any other tips you want to share to improve your keywords positions in search engines? Do share with me.

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