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TechLeaks is extending its WordPress guide and today we are going to give teach you How to Install WordPress Theme. Theme installation is basically similar to WordPress Plugin Installation, If you are a newbie WordPress user and facing difficulty installing WordPress plugin, then I will recommend you to read our guide How to Install WordPress Plugins.

WordPress themes can be easily installed from the WordPress Dashboard or via FTP method too. We will here teach you both the methods, but before going ahead, I would suggest you to read these guides which will be useful for you to get started with WordPress.

Before moving ahead with this WordPress theme installation guide, here are some of the best resources from where you can get free and paid WordPress themes. Though there are a thousand of Free WordPress themes available but I will always recommend you some premium theme if you really want your blog to look more professional.

Before installing WordPress theme, I would recommend you to check their demo first to get an idea how your WordPress blog will look after the install. You can easily search themes from WordPress themes directory via your WordPress Dashboard and install it from there. Or you can also manually download the .zip WordPress theme file and upload it via FTP or Theme upload method.

You can also use WordPress Theme Test Drive plugin for making changes in your WordPress theme live before showing the new theme to your visitors.

How to Install WordPress Theme

I am assuming you have already downloaded the WordPress Theme file. Usually, most of the WordPress themes (specially premium) comes with a .zip format. You can easily install them from your WordPress dashboard. So let’s assume you have already downloaded the CreativeMag theme from the WordPress official theme directory. Now to install it just follow these steps.

  •  Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
  •  Go to ” Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme”.
  •  Here click on Browse button, and select the theme .zip file from your computer.
  •  Now click the “Install Now” button.

Installing WordPress theme

It will take a coupon of minutes depending on your internet speed to upload and installed on your WordPress blog. When the theme is installed, it will now ask you to activate it. You can also preview the theme before applying it to your WordPress blog by clicking on “Live Preview” button. So that’s it, you have successfully installed WordPress theme on your blog.

WordPress Theme Installed

Install WordPress Theme | FTP Method:

This is another method you can use to install WordPress themes on your blog. This option is really useful in those cases when there are restrictions from server side to install any themes on your WordPress blog. Simply upload your theme files after unzipping them to your server in wp-content/themes folder. After uploading all the theme files successfully you can activate it from the WordPress Dashboard. So by this simple way you can easily install WordPress themes on your WordPress blog.

How to Uninstall WordPress Theme:

Till now you have just learned how you can install WordPress theme. After you have installed WordPress theme on your blog, now you will learn how to uninstall WordPress themes.

  • Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Go to Appearance > Themes 
  • Here click on Delete button in front of the theme name which you want to delete (I will recommend never to delete theme when it is active, simply first switch to another WordPress theme first, then delete the previous one).

That’s it. You have learned how to install WordPress themes on your blog. I hope so this WordPress theme installation guide will help to move one step ahead in your WordPress Learning journey. If you have any question to ask, feel free to ask here in the comment or on our TechLeaks Facebook Page. Also you can subscribe to TechLeaks feeds to receive our more WordPress tutorials in your email directly.

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