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Questions about various new features of iOS 8 are rising from last year when the iOS 7 was released. You can find many discussions about the various features of iOS 8 at many places on the Cyber Space. But the most interesting question the people are asking about iOS 8 is that whether is is going to enhance and extend the battery life of the battery life of the device on which it will run? Out of many rumors about iOS 8 yet, many people and reviews about iOS 8 and specially iPhone 6 states that iPhone 6 will have certainly better battery life, but till today we are not sure, because the display of the iPhone 6 is larger in size. So we can’t say final words about the battery life of iPhone 6 yet, time will decide it.

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There are certain rumors that iOS 8 developers have planned to improve and extend the battery life of iPhone 6 to about 25% this time. But we are not sure, will Apple be successful to accomplish it or not? One of the features of iOS 8 is also to save the battery life of the device that will surely extend the battery life of the iPhone running iOS 8.
The latest rumors about the iPhone 6 states that its display size will be either 4.7 inch or 5.5 inch. In the recent WWDC, Apple announced too that iOS 8 will come with battery saving feature that will update itself continuously. Users will be able to figure it easily what Apps are using the most out of Battery and can stop them in order to save their battery life. There are certain other rumors too that iPhone 6 will come with 1800 – 1900 – 2500 mAH battery but these are not confirmed till today. But bigger battery will surely extend the battery life of iPhone 6.

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