make money onlineEvery time a blogger surfs internet, he come across about million of posts and blogs targeting this keyword “Make Money Online“. This keyword in itself is hiding a gold mine in reality thats why it is the most profitable keyword for bloggers. There may a thousand of reasons for you to target this keyword “make money online“, i.e via Affiliate marketing, AdSense, eBooks, PTC sites etc. This keyword can be used with unlimited keywords that you can imagine.

“Make money online” keyword may sounds easy for you but its not as easy as you think. Do you have any idea how many bloggers are using this keyword? Personally, i have seen about every tech blog is using this keyword in one way or other. Well it sounds like a joke isn’t it? Every newbie blogger who starts his blog and is completely new to internet marketing, always try to search this keyword “how to make money online?” under his niche.

Every blogger who is writing crappy blog posts, just do it for the sake of money. And if some body come to you saying, he is not writing for money, then “he really need to get life”.

Sorry for being a little harsh, but before revealing the secret of this make money online keyword, I want you to make sure that you know these facts. Apologize me for my rude tone, let’s move to the subject and find why the most profitable keyword “make money online” is too difficult to rank. We will here move ahead step by step. You will be able to do keyword research for any keyword after reading this guide.

 Step One: Find Out How Profitable is keyword “Make Money Online”

So, that’s all about the keyword research. I did this research for the sample keyword “make money online”. You can also do in depth keyword research for your required keywords with their top 10 results by following this tutorial. If you are able to find a keyword meeting the above requirements, means half of your job is done. So write good content about that keyword, make some good backlinks and wait for the Top 10 results. All the best to you. Enjoy blogging.

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