LightShot, Best Screenshot App techleaks.usLightShot is a best free application available for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu users to take screen shots of any thing from their desktop by just two clicks. It is the most widely used app for taking screen shots having each year about more than 5 Million Screen shots uploaed and the no. is also increasing day by day.

How To Use :

  • To use this app on your Windows, Mac and Ubuntu, You just need to download it from their official website. Its a light weight free app and about 2.5 Mb in size only.
  • After downloading it, install it on your OS.
  • Then press the PrntScr button on your keyboard.

If you need to see all the screen shots that have taken by using this app, then all you need is to sign up on their website ( . Also if you need to copy the screen shot that you have taken, you can simply press the Ctrl + C after selecting the area of the clip board, and the screen shot will be copied to the clipboard and you will be able to use that in any of you application or image editing software.

lightshot options


After taking the screen shot you will have many options to

  • upload the image directly at their server and get a url to share.
  • to share the screenshot at social networks
  • to search similar images on the google
  • to print that screenshot directly
  • to copy the screenshot to theclipboard
  • to save that screenshot to your desired location

All these features makes LightShot, Best Screenshot App For Windows, Mac and Ubuntu users to capture the screen shots on their PCs or Laptops and share them with their friends. Therefore, i will suggest all of you to install this little handful utility.


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