Link Building Best PracticesGoogle is the world best Search Engine and its algorithms always stay up to date to cut of the massive spam to maintain quality in SERPs. Inbound links are the most important factor in boosting any website ranking but many times they are built by using those ways that Google does not like at all, therefore Google punishes such practices by updating changes to its algorithm. Before link building, you should know Link Building Best Practices By Google. Recently, Penguin 2 has hit many websites in January 2014, therefore many websites had to suffer fluctuations in their Rankings. If you are also hit by Penguin 2 update, then you must check your profile link and its time now therefore to change your link building strategy so that you can achieve better results in SERPs.

Here I am sharing some Link Building Best Practices By Google for the SEO Beginners that are considered as best practices for the Link Building for bloggers regarding inbound and outbound links.

What Are Link Building Best Practices By Google?

Link Exchange:

Link Building Best Practices By Google suggests that Google don’t encourages link exchange. If google somehow come to see cross pattern links from your website with other website on excessive level, then your site’s SERPs may fluctuate and dropped. Google is smart and sufficiently intelligent to find such patterns that indicates cross link among websites, but be careful if you use this exhaustively, then Google might punish you. Therefore, privately owned blogs just for the sake of SEO purposes to get link exchanges are not going to work in near future.

Buying And Selling Of Links:

Google dislikes buying and selling of links that passes link juice to other websites. If google detects this, then both buying and selling site’s ranking may get fluctuate. Therefore it is best practice to always use nofollow for the external link before inserting that link in your blog/website. Otherwise you may get penalize by Google.

Comment Links and Forum Links :

Some webmasters and bloggers thinks that inserting their website link in the forum’s signature and blog comments can boost their website rank in SERPs, infact such links might invite Google to penalize you. So if you are involved in such practices, then you must slow down or quit this.

Advertising of Text Links:

Some webmasters are earning money via giving other websites special type of dofollow links to pass their link juice to other websites for their ranking,  Google strongly discourage this practice. Google dislikes link juice sharing for the sake of money instead of Quality. This is unethical SEO practice, so webmasters who are involved in it must stop it right now. It means inserting massive links in the footer are not going to fluctuate your ranking, but it will also hurt your sponsor’s ranking.

Article Marketing and Guest Posting:

Google dislike the practice of article marketing and guest posting just for the sake of getting higher SERPS. In most recent guidelines, Google has again warned not to get involved and spread keyword rich links on exhaustive level via guest posting, article marketing, High PR article submission and through some other similar ways.

Links From Spam Sources:

Google has always warned never to submit your site’s links to low quality directories that are full of spam. You can do article submission via RSS submission, but only as long as the source is safe. If you want Google to love your content, don’t get involve in these practices of article submission to spammy sources. And Google loves your content if you post it into high PR directories related to your niche. If you are writing on tech, then never post your article or link in the Fashion niche. Otherwise Google will penalize you and you will suffer fluctuation in the SERPs.

So these were the Link Building Best Practices By Google that you should follow to get high SERPs regarding inbound and outbound links. If have any best link building strategy then comment below or have any question to ask, most welcome.


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