Hi dear visitors, how are you? Today you are going to learn how to make money with payoneer affiliate program. But before learning this, you need to know what Payoneer is.

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is an online global payment solutions company that provides freelancers, bloggers an easier way to make online payments. The best thing about Payoneer is that you can send and receive money by using Payoneer service from over 200 countries especially from US companies like PayPal, oDesk, Freelancer, Amazon, Facebook etc.

Payoneer card is just like an ATM card and you can withdraw funds from anywhere in the world using Payoneer MasterCard supported ATM machine.

Why Payoneer is best choice for Freelancers?

Payoneer is the best choice for Freelancers to send and receive money, especially it allows you to withdraw money from PayPal even in unsupported countries too like Pakistan, Egypt, India, and Iran etc. Payoneer is widely used by Freelancers to verify PayPal account by using US Payment service.

How can you make money with payoneer affiliate program?

Making money from Payoneer Affiliate Program is really simple. You can see my article on how to get PayPal verified by using Payoneer MasterCard too. The best thing about that article was, that article was really much liked and appreciated by TechLeaks visitors and I got good referrals too. So here I am sharing how Payoneer Refer a Friend program works.

Payoneer Refer a Friend Program:

Payoneer has its affiliate program just like many other companies affiliate programs. Remember, first you should have your own Payoneer Master card in order to participate in Payoneer Refer a friend program. Click the below link to sign up for Payoneer Account.


Then login to your Payoneer account, there you will see Payoneer Affiliate Program Login Button on the right sidebar. You can find your Payoneer affiliate link by clicking on it and share it with your friends.

make money via Payoneer

Now whenever someone sign up for Payoneer account with your affiliate link that you have shared and gets first $100 in his/her account,  both of you will get $25 reward. You can share that affiliate link on your Facebook, twitter, Google+, blog etc. and start making money with Payoneer Affiliate Program.

earn money with payoneer

You will receive an email from Payoneer too when someone sign up for Payoneer Master card from your affiliate link. And again you will receive another email whenever your referral receives total $100 to his/her account and you will receive your $25 reward from Payoneer in your account. Good thing is that your Referral will also get same amount $25 as reward after loading total $100 amount for the first time.

payoneer affiliate program reward

payoneer referral reward

So again if you don’t have your Payoneer account, then follow the below link to sign up for your Payoneer Master card and receive your reward.



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