Paypal No Longer Supports PayoneerHi today my this article might be going to hurt many asian freelancers and non-US residents  who are using PayPal  by verifying it with Payoneer MasterCard and Payoneer US Payment Service after reading the title of this article PayPal No Longer Supports Payoneer Now. I have heard it from some of my blogger friends but was not believing them until I myself faced this problem while verifying PayPal account for my younger brother. He was having problem verifying his PayPal via Payoneer US payment service in order to withdraw some funds sent to him by his some USA client in his PayPal. His Payoneer MasterCard also had $140 in it and card was fully active. When I did contact with PayPal on behalf of my brother from his email address, I got this response from PayPal.


“Thank you for contacting PayPal.

This is XXXXXX, your Account Specialist for today. I hope you are doing well.

Mr. XXXXXX, I can see that your bank account was processed through Payoneer. Please be advised that we just had an update that effective immediately, as a security measure, we will no longer process transactions to bank accounts from Payoneer regardless of the country the customer resides in. This must be the reason that you were getting an error message when in you tried to withdraw funds.

For security reasons, we cannot disclose as to why we can no longer transact with Payoneer. Please try to add a different US bank account.”


Since PayPal No Longer Supports Payoneer Now, Whats Next?

So, unfortunately, PayPal no longer supports Payoneer now which was the only option for the Asian and non-US bloggers to get verified PayPal in their PayPal unsupported countries. Now if PayPal no longer supports Payoneer now, then it much be pretty useless for those Payoneer users who are using Payoneer only to get their PayPal verified.

Advice for Non-Resident PayPal Users:

Now since “PayPal will not process transactions to bank accounts from Payoneer ” means either your account if it is new is immediately going to be affected via this update or if you are using Old PayPal account which was verified using Payoneer US Payment service in the past, Soon, you will also not be able to withdraw money from your PayPal or get your PayPal verified in PayPal Unsupported Countries. Since PayPal No Longer Supports Payoneer Now, and this PayPal update can reach your account too, so you need to withdraw your PayPal money as soon as possible to keep yourself on safe hand. Have any questions in mind, feel free to ask here.


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