Combat WordPress Comment SpamWordPress comments spam is really a panic problem in today’s blogging world. Techleaks will reveal today the best Plugins to Combat WordPress comment spam. With the evolution of blogging, hackers have written such bots that can do auto-commenting, auto posting etc. Spam bots are famous for producing WordPress spam comments. All the spam comments continuously eat up your database instead of adding any value to your blog posts. Well if we talk about our website, we have right now 22,000+ spam comments in our spam folder and many more in the trash folder.

Fighting with WordPress comment spam is important in order to save our valuable time, database size and site loading speed. There is not 100% guarantee to control volume of WordPress spam comments but it can be controlled to a great extent. So here is a list of best free WordPress anti-spam plugins to fight with spam comments.

Best Plugins to Combat WordPress Comment Spam

Askimet (Best WordPress Comment Spam Plugin)

One of the best WordPress plugins to combat with Spam Comments is Askimet. Askimet is famous anti-spam
WordPress plugin because it is developed by the same people who developed WordPress. This plugin tests
each comment with the Askimet service to find if they look like WordPress spam comment or not. You can see
the spam comments in the WordPress dashboard in the spam tab of comments section. You need askimet API
key to activate this plugin which is free for personal use. You can get your free key for your personal use at Askimet Website.

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A Very Simple Captcha (Currently being used at TechLeaks)

This plugin adds a very simply yet powerful captcha to your WordPress blog. It asks logical question from user to submit any comment. I have found this as most useful asset for WordPress to fight WordPress spam comments. This plugin provides these features to help us combat with WordPress spam comments. Download Here

  • Sorting in increasing or decreasing order
  • Entering biggest or smallest number
  • Selecting Am or Am Not Spammer using combo box
  • Entering the alphabets
  • Addition or Subtraction
  • Selecting Am Not Spammer using check box

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Growmap Anti Spambot WordPress Plugin:

This is another best and powerful anti-spam plugin that is used by many WordPress blogs. This plugin forces
spam bots to confirm a check box saying “Confirm, you are NOT a spammer”. Lets discuss how this plugin
works? When some spam bot posts some comment, this plugin ask them to confirm a check box too. Mostly
spam bots are not programmed to mark this box. Hence your WordPress blog remains safe from Spam
comments (saving your valuable database and site loading speed). This plugin also allows you to control how
many comments you want from a user (thus helping you to combat WordPress spam comments). Download Here

SI Captcha Anti-Spam WordPress Plugin:

SI Captcha Anti-Spam plugin as the same suggests uses an advanced captcha to prevent WordPress spam
comments on your WordPress blog. The user who want to comment need to pass this captcha first before
writing and submitting any comment. SI Captcha Anti-Spam plugin’s appearance is also customizable. You
can easily change the code appearance, length etc. Moreover, the captcha code generated by this plugin
can be applied on login forms and contact forms too on your WordPress blog. This plugin reduced spam
count magically to about 99% when I used this on my micro niche blogs. Download Here

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Wrapping Up:

In short, WordPress comment spam is an issue and will continue to grow. However by using anti-spam
WordPress plugins, you can fight with this issue and control it to a great extent. I hope you will find these
plugins useful for controlling spam comments on your WordPress blog. If you uses some other plugin to fight
with this comment spam issue on your WordPress blog, do share your reviews in the comments section. Let’s
join hands with hands to combat WordPress Comment Spam issue.

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