After your Payoneer application is approved next you have to submit a complete Questionnaire for US Payment Service Approval to explain why you need the US Payment Service Approval. You have already applied for the US Payment Service and failed to get it approved. Don’t worry, Quick US Payment Service Approval Tip will help you to approve your US payment service in quick time.Your US Payment Service account will not be approved unless, you do not submit this questionnaire and your payments will also not transfer.

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A virtual account will be made in Bank Of America after your Payoneer MasterCard is approved. This virtual account will help you in receiving payments from Skrill, Infolinks, Elance, Odesk, Amazon, Paypal and so on. MasterCard will be loaded whenever you’ll receive any payment in your account. And you can easily withdraw money from ATMs of your country that support MasterCard.
US Payment Service and Payoneer, handles your Virtual Account. And your payments/funds will be approved only when you tell them why you are using their services. For this you have to submit the Questionnaire.
Well, for your ease i am going to explain Quick US Payment Service Approval tip to complete the Questionnaire. My this Quick US Payment Service Approval tip will give Payoneer a very strong and valid reason to get it approved by them.

Steps For Quick US Payment Service Approval Tip

1. To find your Questionnaire just visit the link that Payoneer emailed you when your Account was approved. If it is not in your email inbox, then just check your account dashboard. For URL just Click on Receive Money tab, then hit My US Payment Service Profile.Quick US Payment Service Approval (2)
2. Profile section will lead you to link for Questionnaire.
3. Questionnaire page will show you form to fill. Starting from first field click drop down menu and your online career category. If you work on a freelancing website, select “Freelancing Services” for category. If the freelance website is Elance then in second field type “” to show you work there. Third, tell them briefly about money you get, so that US Payment Service can process it without any issue. Fill these fields as explained here
4. Category: Select the Freelance Services from the drop down menu.
5. Provide a direct link : Here enter this website link
6. Provide a detailed explanation of your source of income/business: Here type this “I am a freelancer and have been working on oDesk to earn some living. I need payoneer US payment service to receive my earnings from my clients from all over the world”
7. After filling these fields, accept the terms and submit your Questionnaire.

Quick US Payment Service Approval (1)

After submitting Questionnaire, your virtual account is activated.

If you do some work that don’t lie in the predefined categories, than select others and give the your relevant description. For example, if you are running a website and getting money through your website. Then give URL of that website and some explanation about your work.

It is very necessary that you provide enough and accurate information to let them know why are you using their services. Mention correct source of online income to approve your account without any issue.

Besides all this, you have to submit your scanned documents to prove your identity. For submitting your documents follow tabs “Receive Money>My US Payment Service Profile” as mentioned above. If documents are not submitted yet, an upload option is present in your profile section. Just upload your documents to complete money transfer process. If you don’t have Payoneer Mastercard and want to get it. You can Sign UP from the below link.

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This was my tip for Quick US Payment Service Approval for Payoneer Questionnaire. If you find it helpful, give your humble feedback.

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