Recommended WordPress SEO Yoast SettingsWordPress SEO Yoast is no doubt the overall best SEO plugin for the SEO in market. This plugin allows you to do brilliant basic on-page SEO on your each blog posts and pages with ease. For the beginners, who don’t have good understanding of this plugin, this guide will help you in setting up this plugin on your blog. I will guide you here Recommended WordPress SEO Yoast Settings which will ensure you to have perfect on-page SEO on your blog to boosts your blog’s ranking in SERPs.

Recommended WordPress SEO Yoast Settings

To ensure the perfect on-page SEO on your blog, here are the Recommended WordPress SEO Yoast Settings. After completing these Recommended WordPress SEO Yoast Settings, your blog will be perfectly search engine friendly from the on-page SEO perspective. You will need to go to Titles and Metas section of the WordPress SEO Yoast and then choose these settings. First of all you need to customize the General Settings for the WordPress SEO Yoast. First we will prevent the search engines from picking your blog description and other settings from the MOZ and Yahoo directories. You need to do this so that search engine can show and pick only those descriptions that you have written in your blog. Also you need to Clean up the head to remove the unwanted tags from the head section of your blog. Click on Save Settings now.

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Disable Indexing of Categories and Tags: In this step we are going to disable the indexing of tags and categories. Because it is important to prevent search engines to index these things to avoid the issue of duplicate content that can lower the ranking of your blog. To do this, go to Taxonomies tab and check the boxes of noindex, nofollow under the categories and tags section. Then click on Save Settings.

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Disable Author Archives: When author archive is enabled, your content gets indexed two times, once under the post url and secondly under the archive url which can cause the duplicate content issues so you should disable this option for your all posts author.

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These were the Recommended WordPress SEO Yoast Settings for the on-page SEO. There are some settings more that you can explore yourself. I hope so that you have understood the Recommended WordPress SEO Yoast Settings for your perfect on-page SEO. If you have any difficulty configuring it or face any other issue, then you can ask here in the comments. It will be my pleasure to answer you.

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