Set Google Alerts To Monitor Your BrandGoogle Alerts is a notification service by Google that detects change in content. When Google bot finds some new results that are relevant to user’s query. It simply send emails to that user. Today you will learn how to Set Google Alerts to Monitor Your Brand Mentions over Web.

One important thing all webmasters and bloggers should know is “What people are talking about their Blog or Brand”. With Google Alerts, you can monitor your brand mentions over web. You can use any keywords like your “Brand Name”, “Blog Name” etc. to get email alerts from Google Alerts to monitor your Brand Mentions or Talking About.

For example, in my case, I am using “Saif Ullah” OR “” to get email alerts from Google Alerts service. Since “Tech Leaks” is my brand. You can use your name or brand name and set Google Alerts to get all updates regarding your Brand Mentions on the whole web.

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How to Set Google Alerts To Monitor Your Brand Mentions Over Web:

To set Google Alerts, simply go to the Google Alerts website and enter your keywords or brand name. (See screen shot). I am using mine brand name techleaks.usSet Google Alerts

Now whenever anybody will talk about on web, Google Alerts will notify me via email. In the sources drop down menu, you can choose different options like web, blogs etc.

Do let me know if you find this Google Alerts tip useful and what other practical implementations are you using?

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