Set Google Alerts to Track When Your Site Gets HackedIn my earlier post I have written how to Set Google Alerts to Monitor Your Brand Mentions Over Web. Now you will learn how to track your website when some one hacks it usingto Google Alerts.  Though, this idea is not 100% full proof, but still this can be useful. All you need to is to set a Google Alert from your blog for those keywords that the hacker can use to stuff into your website or blog after hacking it. List of such keywords can be really very long. But you can use the most common keywords that the hacker can inject into your website.

How to Set Google Alerts to Track When Your Site Gets Hacked

Just use this query in Google Alerts to find out when your site gets hacked. hack OR casino OR dating OR Viagra OR insurance OR hacked OR pharmacy OR porn OR roulette sex OR Hardcore Sex OR xxx

Set Google Alerts Example code

You can include any keyword in this query that you think hacker can put into it after hacking it. I have only used the most common keywords that hackers can add into websites after hacking them.

Now whenever any hacker will hack and insert some line in your website from the above keywords, you will receive an alert into your inbox attached with your Google Alerts account.

But remember if hacker have used any other method e.g. Redirection, then Google will not send you any alert and your site might stop receiving traffic. So I will say, precautionary measures are better than cure. Do let me me know your methods too that you are using for securing your website via Google Alerts.

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