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One of the most important and the free thing that I suggest to all bloggers is set up Rss Feed for WordPress Blog using Feedburner after creating their blog. Feedburner is a free and very useful service by Google by which bloggers can send emails to their subscribers about their latest published articles, news, headlines etc.

You can easily burn your feeds using feedburner which also supports great and very useful features like free email subscription, delivery time for emails etc.

By using Feedburner, which is a free service, bloggers can set up RSS feeds for their WordPress blogs.  Feedburner is owned by Google. Feedburner can also be used for monetize purposes when used with Google AdSense. You can also use Feedburner for email subscriptions and for sending free email newsletters to your subscribers. Another good thing about feedburner is that there is no limit at all on the number of email subscribers. You can send unlimited emails to your subscribers by using feedburner.

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Whenever you start your blog, I will recommend everyone to burn their feed on their first day. Because from SEO point of view, it’s really a very good idea to use your keyword or brand name in name field of your feed. It will make your feed distinguishable easily from others feeds.

Steps to Set up Rss Feed for WordPress Blog using Feedburner:

This guide is mainly for those WordPress bloggers who are still using the default feed that is provided by the WordPress platform itself. Since by burning your feed with Feedburner, you are actually doing branding of your domain name or keyword plus you can also track your feed and email subscribers.

1) Open this Google Feedburner Official page, and login here with your Gmail email account. Here you will see on the very first page option to add your blog URL or address.

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2) Copy your blog feed address, by default it is Simply replace “” with your blog URL to get your blog’s default feed URL.

burn rss feed

3) In the next page, you will be prompted to enter your feed name. Here I will suggest you to keep this name same as your domain name. If your domain name is too large, you can use any short name for it then. For example if your blog name is TechNewsBlog, you can use “TNB” as your feed name. It completely depends on your choice, how you will like it.

enter rss feed name

4) Now in the last step, you will see a message confirming that your feed is ready.

Now, after you have set up Rss feedburner feed for your WordPress Blog. All you need to do is install feedburner plugin and redirect all WordPress default feeds to your Feedburner feeds. This plugin is very easy and simple to configure. After it is configured, it will take care of the redirection automatically.

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So that’s all about Setting up Rss Feed for WordPress Blog using Feedburner on your WordPress blog. Do let me know here in comments if you faced any problem while setting up RSS feed for your blog?. Also subscribe to Tech Leaks feeds to have latest WordPress articles mailed to you directly.


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