Skype Lowers The VolumeA lot of people are facing the problem that “Skype Lowers The Volume Of Other Applications of Windows”. Many users are annoyed that when they receive call from some one or call some one, sounds of all other applications running music lowers down to some extent. Skype introduced this feature for the convenience of its users so that they can listen to call more conveniently without the interference of noise by other external applications running on your OS. Although this feature is for the convenience of its users but in some cases its become annoyable, Lets suppose you are listening to your some favorite song, and accidentally you got a call from your some friend, all your tempo and taste is disturbed suddenly.

Here is guide for you to overcome this. Some people thinks, It’s some issue in their OS and etc. Actually there is no need of worry, its actually feature of Skype just for your convenience. However if you are unhappy with this feature and wants to get rid of it, here are few steps you need to follow in order to disable the lowering of the volume of other applications of Windows. No matter what Windows are you using, its same for all. I have tried it on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 and it worked fine for me. Here the steps.

  • Go to System Notifications tray that is present at the bottom right side of your desktop. Here you can see the volume icon.
  • Right click at the Volume icon and click “Sounds”
  • Now you will see a window opened in front of you at your Desktop. Here you can see different tabs at that Window. Click the Communications Tab and select the option “do nothing” under the option ”When windows detects communication activity”.

Skype Lowers The Volume 1

That’s it. Now Skype will not Lowers The Volume Of Other Applications of Windows when some one calls you and you make a call to some one.

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