soaksoak malware removalRecently a famous javascript SoakSoak malware has infected about 100,000+ WordPress websites (including our this website too). Google has blacklisted about 50,000 + websites which were infected by this malware SoakSoak and still many websites are going blacklisted. This malware basically injects itself into the swfobject.js file in the WordPress wp-includes/js directory. And its main Shell that add the malware code each time when website is loaded resides in the wp-includes/template-loader.php  file. While crawling, when Google found malware in your website, Google mark that website as Suspicious and  gives warning to user “The site ahead contains malware”. This warning can differ from browser to browser. The main purpose of this warning is to inform the visitor that the website he is opening contains malware which is harmful for his computer.  SoakSoak has infected many hosts across all the WordPress Hostings.

SoakSoak Malware Removal Step By Step Guide:

This malware has infected numerous websites across the WordPress platform. To get rid of SoakSoak malware, you need to follow these steps.

By following above guide, you can get rid of  this bad SoakSoak Malware. After cleaning the website, you can submit your website to Google for review from Google Webmasters Tools that you have removed that malware. Google will review your website in 24 hours (in my case it took 6 hours) and if this malware is not found, Google will lift the warning from your website. Also follow these guidelines to make your WordPress Security more secure. If you have any questions to ask or suggestions about this malware, feel free to ask and share here. And if you are still failed to clean it, You can take my services. I will clean it for you.

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