Top 10 dofollowYou may have listened about the article directories. They are the place where you can submit your articles to get backlinks from them. But what backlinks are more quality backlinks? The answer is simple, the directory having higher Page Rank (PR) will have the most quality backlink. You can easily increase your backlinks by submitting your articles in these article directories. These are Top 10 dofollow Article Directories to Get Hight PR Backlinks already ranked higher in Google and Alexa, people can easily find them, so they can easily send traffic to your website. Here are the top 10 article directories on which you can submit your articles by making account on them. I have avoided some article directories that have high PR but they are no follow like eHow (PR7), SeekingAlpha (PR7), ArticleBase (PR6), ArticlesNatch (PR5).

Here is a list of some strictly dofollow websites for articles submission. You can give them a try to get backlinks from them.

  1. Squidoo (PR7): This is one of the best website, but before article submission, you need to be careful not to be so commercial here. You can create account here and then create Lens. Moreover, you can decorate you lens with images and videos.
  2. HubPages (PR6): Hubpages is one the most popular website. But on this again you need to be careful, not to so commercial here. Just make your account and submit your content.
  3. InfoBarrel (PR5): This is one the best website that allows you to add your website in its profile page. It is a very good dofollow website. You can also include Google Adsense here and can make good earning.
  4. (PR4): On this site, you can register easily, All the posts are in text format however to add your site link, you can add into the resource box.
  5. (PR4): This is also good dofollow article directory. You can easly submit your articles into it.
  6. (PR4): This is again a good website for submitting articles. But this site only takes fresh latest articles and always reviews them before publishing them.
  7. (PR4): Its easy to make account on this site, you can submit your articles on it. This site also shares your articles on social profiles.
  8. (PR4): This is also a good website having PR 4. You can join and submit your articles in it.
  9. This is a very awesome website. All you need is just to create your account there and publish your links in the resource box. This is one of my favorite websites to publish my articles. Its PR is 2, slightly lower still it gets good traffic.
  10. (PR1): This is a slightly low Page Rank website, but you can easily join it and get backlinks from it.

That’s all the Top 10 dofollow Article Directories to Get Hight PR Backlinks. I have spent my 4 days searching them and then posting my articles on them. You can also give them a try to get quality backlinks.

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