Top 5 Free Desktop Email ClientsAre you looking for the best free Desktop Email Client as the best solution to send and read your emails on Windows? Having a good Desktop Email Client is very useful in some cases, i.e. When you are going out of city or somewhere and don’t have access to the internet, then desktop email client is the best solution for you to read your important email and reply them. Replies will be send whenever you connect to internet from anywhere. Moreover, your emails always stay organized and you can read them any time sitting anywhere but first you need to sync all your emails by connecting internet, then you can read them even without internet connected too. Many entrepreneurs believe that having a good email client is always useful if you don’t want to open your browser open 24/7. Here are the Top 5 Free Desktop Email Clients for Windows that you can use at your home desktop PC or laptop.


It has been ruling the market from the 1990s for the perfect Desktop Email Client solution. It is the part of Microsoft Office Suite and is widely used by business owners. It’s the only email client that is the most used Desktop Email Client. It has been and still the most popular Desktop Email Client in the world yet. Its integration with Windows is very easy and easy to setup. It can handle everything from handling your calendar, managing your tasks, sending and receiving emails, contacts and much more.


It is powered by Mozilla Company, you all would be familiar with Mozilla Firefox. It came in market in 2004. It was the only competitor for the Microsoft Internet Explorer. Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird both are running at its peak but Outlook is used mostly by Professionals while Thunderbird by home users. I myself have been using Thunderbird from last 2 years. So will recommend it to everyone.

eM Client:

It is also widely used Desktop Email Client. It also supports now Windows 8 with its automatic archiving feature, improved calendar and much more other improvements too. Many users have report one problem about it that when they reply to an email, it does not mark them as read but I hope that its developers will fix this in its next latest version. Its free version allows you to work with two email accounts. You can also get its pro version for $49.95.

Windows Live Mail:

This is great to use if you are using genuine version of Microsoft Windows. All you need is to download and install the Windows Essential and you can get this free Desktop Email Client on your genuine Windows. It can handle all of your email accounts and is very easy to setup for the beginners. It also supports SkyDrive synchronization.

Zimbra Desktop:

Zimbra have been a top notch Desktop Email Client for many years. Still it can compete all of the above Desktop Email Clients. The best feature of Zimbra is that it synchronizes all the emails locally and you can read all your emails when you are sitting offline. Moreover it also managers all your accounts at one place. It supports both email accounts as well as social network accounts. It’s free for Windows, Linux and Mac.

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