Here is the list of top 5 image editors for windows that you can use for editing your photos and give them a new look. These are widely used by professional image editing staff in companies.


Corel PaintShop Pro X

Top 5 Image Editors for Windows  (5)It is the best option for the beginners to edit and decorate their photos. It has a friendly interface for beginners and many powerful editing tools. You can start learning it in seconds by installing it. It is owned by Corel, Corel has uploaded hundreds of tutorials and videos to learn Corel PaintShoop Pro X6 easily. It is the simplest and the most popular image editor that is being used by professionals.



Adobe Photoshop Elements 12

Top 5 Image Editors for Windows  (2)Adobe is famous worldwide for its powerful image editing software solutions. It is also considered as a standard for the image editing by the professionals. It comes with multiple tools and presets for the image editing that makes image editing more simple and easier. It is famous in the beginners for its Guided mode that guides the editor while editing with multiple available presets.


Serif PhotoPlus X6

Top 5 Image Editors for Windows  (4)Serif plus is competitor of above two. It gives your photos a new perception with multiple tools and presets. It is known for its rich collection of filters that are used for the photo editing. Multiple filters are available that are used for exposure, brightness and contrast. You can also remove defects from your pictures in a no. of ways by using Serif PhotoPlus.


Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 9

Top 5 Image Editors for Windows  (1)This is famous for editing and importing any type of image file type. It comes with 60+ stylish and creative filters for the photo editing. The cons about this software is that it is a little bit hard to learn that’s why It is not widely used like above all 3 softwares. Still we can’t ignore this fact that it is one of the best image editing software.


Corel PhotoImpact X3

Top 5 Image Editors for Windows  (3)Corel PhotoImpact comes with all the necessary image editing tools. The best thing about it is that it can open any type of file type. It is best for doing the basic editing jobs in seconds but we can’t recommend it as a remarkable program for image editing in the presence of above all 4 image editors. It supports image editing with web page designing too.'

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