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Hi dear visitors, I have been invisible at TechLeaks due to my busy life routine and burden of job work. Sorry for staying away. I know there are many followers who want to seek advice to upgrade hosted AdSense account to normal. Many people do inboxed me after reading AdSense guide by TechLeaks. I tried to respond to comments and emails, but still if your comment did not get published or you did not receive your email reply, I am extremely sorry for that.

What is Hosted AdSense Account?

If you have got AdSense account approval via Google Host Partners like Blogger, YouTube etc. that is also known as hosted AdSense account, that status of such account is said to be hosted, it means that you are not allowed to place Ads from hosted AdSense account to a blog or website with custom domain name.

Now to monetize your all websites and blogs, you need to upgrade hosted AdSense account to normal one or change hosted AdSense account to non-hosted AdSense account. So in this tutorial we are going to cover this. Just follow the below instructions to display ads from your hosted AdSense account on your all blogs and websites that you own.

How to upgrade hosted AdSense account:

You need to follow these steps to upgrade your hosted AdSense account to normal one. 

I hope that you have understood now how to upgrade from hosted AdSense to normal AdSense. So if you have any questions to ask, do ask me in comments or you can also visit Google’s official help page on this topic on this link.


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