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All the people who are new to SEO might be thinking that what are actually nofollow VS follow links? Are you confused? You might have googled them and still unable to distinguish basic difference between them. Here is an article for those explaining all about the “follow Links” Vs. “No follow Links”. “nofollow VS follow Links” are said to be Backbone of SEO, which a lot of SEO experts ignores, but they really a vital role in SEO. SEO is all about the game of link building and before link building, you must have knowledge of “nofollow VS follow Links”

What Is Meant By “A follow Link”?

In order to understand this, let me tell you the little history “follow Links” Vs. “No follow Links”. You need to know the importance of “follow Links” Vs. “No follow Links “in SEO. What is their worth and how they are useful? Basically, the little story is that when a website gets some inbound link from some other website which is higher in Ranking and have higher PR (Page Rank), than you’re that page gets small SEO rise or SEO boost. Means your website or that page’s ranking is going to increase. You can treat the link as a point. When you get more links, in fact that means you have get more points, Here arise that question, that the point which you have earned are useful or not?

SEO Principal

“The More Points You Have = the More Ranking You Have”

Note: Having more points always does not necessarily means that you have higher ranking and the answer to this question is “follow Links” Vs. “No follow Links”

While Crawling, Google bot or any search engine bot, finds these points and notes them and see how many inbound links or links from other websites are coming to your page or site and from which sites along with their PR (Page Rank). PageRank is a metric of measuring the importance of website page. Now Google thinks that if really a lot of people are linking to some specific website or page, that site or page must be really good having some informative and useful content for the people. Therefore, Google gives high preference to that page.

What is a “No follow Link?”

This is a type of link that is not count as a point in the page’s favor to which it is pointing. It never boosts your Page Rank and it does not helps a page to boost its ranking in Search Engines or in SERP’s (Search Engine Result’s Page). No follow Links are said to live a Lonely Life. A no follow link can be created by using this html tag

This is a No follow Link having nofollow in its anchor rel attribute

nofollow tag basically tells search engines not to count this towards SERP’s. Read more about using nofollow

Now question arise that, are there good reasons or benefits of using nofollow?

If your website supports comments without the nofollow tag, then search engine experts and black hat SEO experts  are able to find your site, then they will post rubbing and non-related content to your posts in comments. And your life will really become spammy and difficult. Black Hat is a SEO technique using unethical methods, spamming other websites of higher PR than your’s with spammy comments in order to get higher SERP’s. Before the nofollow keyword in the rel attiribute of your anchor tag, link building was a much easier way of artificially boost your website’s rankings in Search Engines. Before nofollow tag, many websites got messy like wikipedia too. People tried to put their links in the references. Every one was spamming other sites before the nofollow keyword introduced for the anchor rel attribute. The community of bloggers and well repute site owners was worried, because once their page rank was discovered by some black hat SEO experts, they starts spamming their websites with unwanted comments with links. Spammers were destroying the answers communities like yahoo answers , discussion blogs etc.
Therefore in 2005, Google take this step to introduce the nofollow keyword just to safeguard the bloggers and discussion blogs community from the spamming of black SEO experts.

nofollow Link has made Life Easy

The nofollow keyword has proved itself to be a very useful for the blogging world. Now most SEO spammers when they come to know that they will just get a nofollow link by posting comment at your site, they will avoid to post unwanted link at your site.

Famous Website That Gives nofollow Link:

As a webmaster you must be thinking where to use the nofollow link? It completely depends on you, but these are the recommended places to use nofollow.

  • Comments
  • Forums
  • Blogs

Some blogs or website having HIGH PR and High Ranking can disable nofollow, just to give reward to its commenters to get high SERP’s but it completely depends on the Webmaster’s discretion.

Should I do not consider nofollow Links?

The answer to this is absolutely not. Because nofollow links can provide you good valuable referral traffic in spite of the fact that they will not give you points. White Hat SEO experts believes that

“A well reputed or well relevant comment on some relevant blog, forum or website with no follow or not can help you bring a large amount of traffic to your website which then helps you in your conversations”

In SEO, they key must be to build your brand name popular, no matter whether the links are nofollow or follow, just you need to take care that you posted your link in right place, and you are avoiding spamming with unwanted links.

Wikipedia giving you nofollow links is very much sensitive and picky about the references that are added to its article, it takes care that the links are very close the the niche and have unique content. Getting a Wikipedia nofollow link is always useful to get relevant traffic.

How To Check If a Link is follow or nofollow

To check that whether a site have follow or nofollow links, simply right click at the page, click the view source, and find the keyword “nofollow”. You will see all the instances of the nofollow keyword highlighted if that site has nofollow links.

nofollow links

What is a “follow Link?”

What are nofollow VS follow Links 2

This is a type of link that is counted as a point in the page’s favor to which it is pointing. It always boosts your Page Rank and it helps a page to boost its ranking in Search Engines or in SERP’s (Search Engine Result’s Page). follow Links are said to be golden or silver link depending on the PR of the page from which they are coming. They are very useful and used by white hat SEO experts.

What is the best way to get follow Links?

The best way to get follow links is simply the ethical and honest way, means write something unique, awesome and original. That will be shared automatically and naturally by visitors having very close interest in it. Some other ways include guest postings on blog, forums, especially on a site having same niche as of your site and having same topic of discussion.

nofollow vs follow 3

Remember you needs both links in your SEO, because follow links will help you gain points with traffic while nofollow links are proved always to bring referral traffic to your website. So should keep a balance of both for your site’s better SERP’s.

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