SEO-Friendly-URL-Structure-techleaks.usMany people that are using WordPress often do have question in their mind what is the What is Best SEO Friendly URL Structure for WordPress. WordPress uses by default its default Permalink Structure that consists of only Ids.  Therefore by default wordpress permalink structure is not keywords rich and search engines friendly. Here i will discuss some of the most popular permalink structures for wordpress and then at the end we we will reach on conclusion.

Default -

This structure is the default permalink structure for wordpress. It consits of a question mark followed by numbers. You can yourself see that it is not keywords rich structure. So, using it for SEO purposes, i dont think so will be good choice.

Day and name -

This permalink structure consits of date and post title. It can be good for news sites who have to publish a lot of content on daily basis and have to keep their log but for blogging point of view its not as SEO friendly. Let me explain you with an example. Suppost some one is searching “How to Unlock Windows Hidden Account” and he finds two urls for the same problem solution. Offcourse he will prefer to check the most recent version of the solution, because it will be more likely to provide him best solution.

Month and name -

This permalink structure is similar to previous one with one difference only (the day is removed) . Rest is same.

Numeric  -

This permalink structure again consits of archives hash slash followed by numners and is not keywords enriche. So it is rarely used.

Post name -

This permalink structure is the most widely used and is the most SEO friendly permalink structure for the wordpress. The reason why it is SEO friendly because it is keywords enriched permalink structure and when it is indexed by search engines. Its easy for the search engines to do search in it and since it consits of the keywords of the article. Its the most beneficial for the SEO purposes. There is also one another one most recommended and customised form of this above structure:

Category and Post name -

By using this structure, you get two benefits

Your url becomes post title keywords rich and seo friendly
Your url becomes post category keywords rich and seo friendly
And it will more easy for search engines and for people to read and understand that url structure.

Conclusion :

From SEO friendly point of view, i will suggest both these url structures.

Post name - OR

Category and Post name -

By using any url structure from the above permalink structues, your url will become keyword rich since it will contain the keywords of post or of category and the post name and it will help you to acheive higher rankings in Google, Yahoo and other search engines.

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