White Hat SEO Best PracticesAre you new at SEO? Looking to learn SEO? You own some website / blog and want to make it Search Engine friendly for the Search Engines? This is the guide for all of you who are searching for these questions at Google. The importance of SEO in ranking of your website can never be denied. SEO is the backbone of the progress of your website’s / blog rankings over the search engines. Yesterday, many people inbox me some very basic questions about SEO. Those questions were extremely very basic and I realized that many people are totally unaware of the basic  Google White Hat SEO Best Practices of SEO which are recommended by Google from the Google White Hat SEO Best Practices.  As you know Google is the King of Search Engines, so getting your website ranked at the first page of Google means your “Success”, more Visitors, More AdSense Clicks more ROI.  So here I am sharing with you Google White Hat SEO Best Practices Guide for the white hat SEO. You can download this guide, in .pdf form and read it and learn basic Google White Hat SEO Best Practices by Google. If you follow this guide and apply its basic principles across your entire website, then definitely you will get boost in search engine rankings. Your website will also become more visible to Google. Also this guide will keep your site away from Google Penalty.


Saif Ullah

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