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WordPress Automatic Internal Link Building or Internal Link Building is a very effective factor for your On Page SEO and if it is done properly, it can boost your website ranking in SERP’s. Users who are not aware of Internal Link building should know that Internal Link building is the backbone of on page SEO. Manually doing WordPress Internal Link Building is a time taking process and can take your much time and if you have a very big blog or website, then it can take from months to years, so instead of doing it manually, I recommend WordPress Automatic Internal Link Building with the help of some WordPress Plugins. All these plugins will help you in Automatic Internal Link Building in just a few seconds with the help of just few clicks. You can even use these plugins for your old blogs on which you have never cared for the WordPress Internal Link Building, and it will definitely boost your blog / website ranking in the Search Engines.

Related Posts Thumbnails:

“Related Posts Thumbnails” is a simple to use, effective and a very useful plugin for the sake of WordPress Automatic Internal Link Building. This plugin basically will show the related posts, with thumbnail images at the bottom of your each post. You can choose the criteria for showing the related posts on the basis of your category, tags, categories and tags, custom criteria etc. It decreases the bounce rate on your blog / website by showing them more related content about their interest. And if done correctly, it can help you boost your website SERPs in search engines. So, to overcome the poor internal linking structure on your blog, you can install this plug and give it a try.

SEO Ultimate:

“SEO Ultimate” is another of the best plugins for the WordPress On-Page SEO and WordPress Automatic Internal Link Building.  It is famous for its one of the most useful and interesting feature called “Deeplink Juggernaut”.  People love this plugin because it allows you to make Internal Links across your website with much ease. You have to define some keywords, links and some other settings, rest whole work will be done by the plugin itself. It will automatically replace your keywords with the links that you have configured on each post and page of your website.


“SEOPressor” is a premium plugin for WordPress Automatic Internal Link Building. Many WordPress users believe it as of the most powerful, useful plugin for the WordPress Automatic Internal Link Building. Just like SEO Ultimate, it also comes with WordPress Automatic Internal Link Building feature. You just have to define your keywords, links linking to them, the rest work of internal link building is done by this plugin itself automatically on your entire website posts and pages.

So, these are the top 3 WordPress Automatic Internal Link Building Plugins through which you can do automatic internal link building across your website. These plugins will definitely boost your SERPs. Give them a try. Have any questions to ask, you can comment below. Every one’s question will be answered.



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