Compelling Meta Description for Blog posts

If you look a couple of years back in Search Engine Optimization,  you will notice an effective and compelling meta description for blog posts and web pages have always been playing a very important role in Search engine ranking positions. But then people started stuffing their post’s meta description with keywords and tags to get more click through rate on them.

So, search engines take notice of this and started ignoring keywords and tags in the meta description. In modern internet, most of the authorities behind search engine says that use of keywords rich meta description don’t carry any importance anymore and are not influencing SERP rankings anymore.

Whatever search engine authorities say, but in fact and in real world, keywords in meta description really do play a very important role in search engine results page rankings. Sometimes, meta description role is bigger and sometimes smaller, but no doubt, they are really a big ranking factor for blog posts in SERPs. So you must know how to write good meta description for your web pages.

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What is Meta Description Tag?

Meta description is a short summary of the blog post or web page that is shown below search results in search engines in 2-3 lines. This text is not visible on the page but always appears in search engine results. This is the only text that potential visitors read before clicking to proceed to your blog page. It’s a very important part of SEO. A well written and good meta description always influences click through rate on your links.

If you are using blogger, you can add meta description to your blog posts from right sidebar in post editor area. However the process of adding meta description in WordPress is slightly different and depends on each SEO plugin that you are using.

Basically, this tag plays an important role as an advertisement text for your blog post’s preview in search engine results page and boost the CTR of your link. If your meta description tag is compelling, then more users will click on your link and visit your blog. Otherwise a poorly written meta description tag on your very excellent written post can turn your visitor’s attention from your blog post in SERPs page.

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Compelling Meta Description and SEO:

As we have talked in early paragraph about search engine authorities that they refuse the influence of meta description tag in ranking positions, but research shows that this tag do influence. A post published at SearchMetrics tells that compelling meta description tag plays an important role in SERPs. And you must always consider that as part of your on page SEO seriously to go a step ahead from your competitors in search engine results page.

How to Write Compelling Meta Description for Blog posts:

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