“Rumor has it: Samsung Galaxy S23 to receive major camera upgrade”

Three Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra handsets in a row lying down

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
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Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 Camera Update: What You Need to Know

Rumors are circulating that the Samsung Galaxy S23 phones will soon receive a camera optimization update that will significantly improve camera performance and fix some bugs. According to well-respected tipster Ice Universe (via PhoneArena), the update will be a big one. This same source has previously highlighted perceived problems in HDR performance on the Galaxy S23.

Can Samsung Fix It?

While the Galaxy S23 scored 4/5 for its cameras in our review, some users have reported issues with the camera’s performance. It’s unclear what improvements and fixes the rumored update will bring, but it may be enough to fix any subpar results from your own Galaxy S23 handset.

The Galaxy S23 and the Galaxy S23 Plus both feature a triple-lens 50MP+12MP+10MP rear camera and a 12MP selfie camera on the front. The Galaxy S23 Ultra has the same selfie camera but features a quad-lens 108MP+12MP+10MP+10MP camera module on the back.

Analysis: Modern Phones Are Never Finished

Annual software updates are now standard for smartphones, adding new features and functionality while smoothing out bugs and glitches. This now extends to mobile photography as well, as tweaks to the underlying code can mean that photos and videos end up looking better than ever before. It’s a sign of the computational photography that smartphones are now capable of: it’s not just about the amount of information captured by the camera lenses, it’s also about how that information is processed and refined to produce an end result. That processing can be improved with software updates.

If your phone camera isn’t giving you photos and videos that you’re perfectly happy with, another option is to dive into the many free editing apps that are available on mobile – not least the default Google Photos and Apple Photos options.

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