Apple Offers Refurbished iPhone 13 Models on Its U.S. Online Store

Refurbished iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max now available in the US Apple Store

If you’re in the US and looking to buy a refurbished iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone 13 Pro Max, you can now do so through the online Apple Store. Apple started selling the refurbished iPhone 13 models online back in January, but only in certain European countries. According to MacRumors, Apple had previously not sold refurbished 2021 iPhone units in the states online.

If you’re interested, you can visit Apple’s Refurbished iPhone page at or by tapping on this link.

Pricing for the phones is as follows:

  • iPhone 13 with 128GB storage (Green, Pink, Blue)-$619
  • iPhone 13 Pro with 256GB storage (Graphite, Sierra Blue, Alpine Green, Gold)-$849
  • iPhone 13 Pro with 512GB storage (Graphite, Sierra Blue, Alpine Green, Gold)-$1,019
  • iPhone 13 Pro with 1TB storage (Graphite)-$1,189
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max with 512GB storage (Graphite, Sierra Blue, Alpine Green, Silver)-$1,099
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max with 1TB storage (Graphite, Sierra Blue, Alpine Green, Gold Silver)-$1,269

All of the refurbished iPhone 13 models sold by Apple are unlocked. Each phone comes with a brand-new battery and a new outer shell. They are covered by a one-year warranty and are sold with free delivery and returns. Each unit is also cleaned, goes through functional testing, and if a part needs to be replaced, a genuine Apple part is used. The refurbished phones also have the original operating system or a more recent version pre-installed. And they are shipped in a brand new box with all accessories and cables.

Why is the iPhone 13 mini not available in refurbished condition?

While the iPhone 13 mini is not available in refurbished condition, Apple has not explained why. The tech giant replaced that particular low-selling model last year with the iPhone 14 Plus which has a huge battery and the same-sized screen as the iPhone 14 Pro Max but does not have some of the features found on the premium handset.

Apple notes that its supply of refurbished iPhone units is limited, but once it receives your full payment, availability is guaranteed.

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